5 Essentials For Summer To Elevate Your Fashion

Summer is indeed making it’s entrance a bit early and I’m here for it. I was looking at the weather forecast this week in Philly and temperatures are going up in the 90’s and it’s only May. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I love the warm weather climate so it works for me. This summer for me will be nothing but embracing my femininity to the fullest. After being on lockdown last year due to the pandemic, I’m ready for this to be my hot girl summer.

Spending more time at home has really made me explore ways I can elevate my fashion, especially for summer. I wanted to share with you all 5 essentials you need to step up your fashion game for summer.


Summer is all about color and expression. Lately I’ve been loving the color blocking trend. If you’re unfamiliar with color blocking, it’s basically wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. It revolves around two or more bold and bright shades. Check out this article from InStyle that gives you more of a better idea on how to color block. In my photos in this post, do you see how I combined the pink and green with a touch of white? That’s how you color block. On your next shopping trip, go for more solid vibrant pieces. Believe me when I tell you this is going to look so good! Don’t be afraid to mix colors in your summer outfits. To know what colors work great together, I’ve came up with a helpful list. Hopefully this will help you guys out as well.

Outfit color combinations that work great together:

  • Pink and green
  • Red and purple
  • Green and blue
  • Red and orange
  • Pink and red
  • Pink and orange
  • Yellow and pink
  • Blue and red
  • Green and purple
  • Yellow and blue
  • Purple and orange
  • Purple and pink
  • Green and yellow
  • Orange and green
  • Pink and blue
  • Orange and yellow
  • Blue and orange
  • Purple and yellow

There is no doubt that that sunglasses is a must have for summer. Not just any basic sunglasses but I recommend more stylish fun ones. I personally love sunglasses with colored frames because it adds a little style to any outfit. You will be quite surprised how the right kind of sunglasses can transform your look. The sunglasses I’m wearing in the post is a peachy color which looks great with everything and anything I wear. Here are some great choices I’ve rounded up to rock for the summer.


Jewelry are perfect accessories to elevate any outfit, preferably brass gold-like pieces. I use to be such a silver jewelry girl owning everything from earrings to necklaces and rarely had anything gold. Throughout the years, I started investing in more gold jewelry pieces. I’ve noticed adding gold jewelry to my outfits added a touch of glam. I’ve rounded up great statement pieces to add to your jewelry collection.


Everyone should have some type of white accessory for summer whether it’s a bag, belt or shoes. I own a few white accessories that would get me through the summer, such as my favorite white Shirley bag from Staud. There’s something about wearing white that gives off such a chic vibe and it goes with everything! Here are some white accessory picks.


You heard the old saying “Go big or go home!’ This is the summer to step out your comfort zone when it comes to makeup and try something new. Fenty Beauty has great shade ranges of colors to experiment with as far as lipsticks and eyeshadows. NARS has a great shade ranges as well. Play around with different colors and even mix and match to whatever you’re comfortable with. Now usually during the summer, I don’t wear a lot of makeup due to the humidity. I gravitate more toward eyeshadows and lipsticks. Check out my selections for makeup color.

There you have it! The 5 essentials to help you elevate your fashion for summer. I hope these tips will help you to have your best fashionable summer ever. What are some fashion essentials you recommend for summer?




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