5 Of The Best Holiday Fashion Trends To Shop

Aside from spreading love and happiness, the holidays are a great way to show off and show out your style. This is why every holiday comes with fashion trends to help everyone better embrace and revel in the holiday spirit. The theme for holiday fashion trends is usually anything red, shiny and glamorous. If you’re searching for what holiday fashion trends to shop for this season, don’t forget to ensure it checks these three boxes. To help further with your holiday shopping, I have curated a short, simple and precise list of holiday fashion trends you have to shop. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Anything Red

Everyone knows the theme for the holiday is red. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiery red, chill red, crimson red, Indian red, scarlet red or wine red. It just has to be red. When shopping for your next cocktail holiday party, I would say red dresses are in order. You can also shop for accessories like red bags and shoes as well. If you’re not a fan of bright reds, go for more dark red shades like merlot, sangria or wine.

When it comes to decoration shopping, you may want to look into red wrapping paper, table cloths, throw blankets, throw pillow covers, vases, etc. Sprinkling the red throughout the home is one of the best ways to decorate with red.

Shop Holiday Red

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are my absolute favorite to wear. Made from either satin or silk silk, these dresses are one of the best holiday fashion trends. Not only are they simple and stylish, but they are also very comfortable and flattering. Slip dresses are the perfect outfit for a Christmas dinner with your loved ones, friends or significant other. You can even wear it to a formal holiday dinner. Slip dresses are very versatile, which is why I highly recommend getting a few for the holidays. Don’t forget to pick one in red of course.

Shop Slip Dresses


Whether it’s decor, outfit selection, jewelry or accessories, metallics are all the buzz this holiday season. They are basically sequins without extra shine. The beauty of metallic dresses is how they find shine even brighter in a well-lit room. With a metallic dress, you are bound to be shining as bright and the holiday spirit. You can go for either a short, midi, or a long metallic dress depending on your style and the occasion. Metallic dresses come in all colors but if you really want to look fabulous, silver or gold metallic dresses are it! But if you want to tone it down just a little, you could simply add a metallic accessory to your outfit. It could be a bag, shoes or a metallic skirt.

Shop Metallics


Shimmer and shine have and will always be the theme of holiday fashion, this is why when you go holiday shopping, it would be a criminal not to buy at least two outfits with sequins. Holiday fashion is anything but boring, it can be simple but not boring. Sequins can make a simple body con dress look like it would cost a fortune. No one should be sleeping on sequins this holiday season.

Shop Sequins


Adding the right accessories to your outfit makes a big difference. The proper accessories can revive any bland and dull looking outfit. This is exactly why jewelry is a need and no outfit is complete without the right accessories, especially during the holiday when it’s about that time to go all out. Never hesitate to splurge on some holiday themed jewelry when shopping. Treat yourself!

Shop Jewelry


Are we loving these holiday fashion trends? I’m very obsessed with the trends on the list for sure. The great thing about these holiday fashion trends is that they will always be in style for years to come. Especially anything red, slip dresses and sequins. I highly recommend when shopping to rack up on these items on the list so at your next holiday cocktail gathering, you will always have something to wear that’s a conversation starter. Explore the timeless elegance of William Morris decor, including wallpaper, fabrics, prints, rugs, and unique gift ideas for him and her at https://www.williammorris.shop/


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