A Guide To The Best Sunglasses For Spring & Summer

In the majority of my photo shoots, you probably have noticed I wear a lot of sunglasses. I just can’t help myself y’all sunglasses is my thing! I would definitely consider myself having an obsession with them for the simple fact that they can elevate any look. In addition, they also serve the purpose by helping to protect the eyes damaging from the sun. I never leave the house unless I grab a pair of sunglasses, even on a cloudy day.

When sorting through my sunglasses collection, I’ve realized I had many of the same types. Most of them were oval-shaped with black frames. I found myself investing more into stylish colorful ones like these from Ebay. During the spring and summer months, I do plan to spend a lot time at the beach where it will be sunny 90% of the time. Since I been browsing around for sunglasses, I’ve came across some really nice ones and wanted to share with you guys. Here is a guide to the best sunglasses for spring and summer. Feel free to bookmark and share this post with others for style inspiration.


I found some really nice choices for just under $50. Lately, I’ve been into the oversized sunglasses trend. I especially love these Cabana oversized sunglasses from J. Crew. I actually just purchased them a few days ago and super excited for them to arrive. The sunglasses are actually $65, but if you use the code: GOODEGG you will get 50% off full price. My total came to $32.50 not including shipping. I’m loving the beige tortoise shell rim which is everything!


The sunglasses under $25 are just too good! I found some really great picks that won’t break the bank, but still keep you looking stylish.


Aviator sunglasses are my favorite type of sunglasses to wear during the spring and summer. I especially love wearing aviators at the beach because they give off vacation vibes. Think of the beach and palm trees! Let’s talk about these gorgeous Balenciaga black aviators with the logo embedded across the lenses. I’m definitely going to treat myself to these really soon. I’m also loving the Myriah round sunglasses from Anthropologie, which would compliment any spring or summer outfit for sure.


I don’t own many heart sunglasses in my collection, but I plan to change that before the end of the summer. I can’t resist them because they are very stylish and chic! A few of my favorites from the list are the black Loulou heart-shaped sunglasses from Saint Laurent, also the Bari Lynn 33MM heart sunglasses are super fun and the yellow heart frame rimless sunglasses from SHEIN are fire!


I believe that every Fashionista, Blogger, Vlogger, and Influencer should definitely own at least one or two pair of luxury sunglasses. Luxury sunglasses can run around $300 and up. The average I found when researching tends to be around the $400 range. When purchasing these type of sunglasses, keep in mind that you are investing in the quality and craftsmanship.

It’s a wrap! So these are the best sunglasses for spring and summer to invest in. Whether you’re looking to add or simply just want to upgrade to something more chic and trendy, hopefully you will find something to your preference. Now some of the sunglasses on the list may be sold out by the time this post goes live, but my suggestion would be to keep checking because sometimes stores tend to get them back in stock periodically then they sell out again. I highly recommend signing up for Karma (Formerly Shoptagr) to get notifications when the item comes back in stock again. I hope you guys have a happy and safe Easter holiday! See you next time my loves!




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