A Year in Review of Twenty Seventeen

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That’s a wrap for 2017! I can’t believe how much this year has flew by so fast. I can honestly say that this has been a great year for me because I experienced new things that I thought I wouldn’t. Also, I learned a lot of important life lessons throughout the year too. 2016 was such a rollercoaster ride as I experienced some challenges. I didn’t get a chance to reach some of the goals I had hoped for, but I’m at happy that I had a chance to successfully reach a few.

Just a few highlights…

  • I focussed more on my blogging. So this was the first year that I was able to set a schedule for blogging and stuck with it. Despite how busy I was with college and work. Blogging became almost like second nature and I was becoming more and more comfortable with it. Not only that, I was able to really step up my game with blogging by taking better quality photos for the blog with my professional DSLR camera. In 2016, I was learning how to use the DSLR camera properly and had no clue. I can proudly say that now I’m a pro at using it and it’s only going to get better with time for the blog. 
  • I had some really awesome internships. To be quite honest, I really wasn’t looking for internships because my focus was to really just get through college and graduate. I’m so glad that I reconsidered getting a few internships because they really helped me in gaining the experience I needed. Not to mention that I have learned a lot too. The first internship was at College Fashionista in New York, where I had a chance to contribute fashion articles on their website. The second internship was FOX Television Stations at FOX 29 in Philadelphia, where I had a chance to assist with a new talk show and manage their social media.
  • I got a chance to attend some great events. I was able to branch out more this year and attend some pretty cool events including, Beautycon NYC, New York Fashion Week and Philadelphia Fashion Week. It was so great attending these events because I was able to network and meet some great people, as well as having a lot of fun. 

What lessons have I’ve learned in 2017…

  • It’s best to keep my circle small. I have learned to cut people out that were not a good fit to be a part of my life. I don’t enjoy being around individuals who bring nothing but negative energy 24/7. You know the kind of individuals I’m talking about….the selfish ones that are more takers than givers and those individuals who pretend to support you 100%, but in reality they don’t because they are hating on a discrete level. I only keep those in my circle who are genuine to me as I am to them.  
  • It’s okay to be rejected. 2017 has taught me that it’s okay to be rejected for an opportunity. I use to avoid going for something because I was afraid of being rejected. I learned that just because I was being rejected from something doesn’t mean I should let it discourage me. I had to understand that rejection happens to everyone and most likely when you are rejected from a great opportunity, you are actually being redirected to something 100% better.  
  • Learn to not care what people think of me. I use to be so concerned in what others think of me and how they perceive me. 2017 has showed me that indeed “I BRING IT!” so love me or hate me. I have gained the confidence to love myself from the inside and out without worrying about other’s opinions of me.  

What I look forward to in 2018…

  • Graduation day. Yessssssss! I’m set to graduate in May 2018. Countdown as of today is approximately 133 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes and 10 seconds to be exact. Something to definitely look forward to in 2018. Look out for a future post around that special time on what outfit I will be rocking on graduation day.
  • New career. After graduation, I’ll be definitely seeking a new career for sure. Something that will enjoy doing and will offer a great salary and benefit package. Compared to what I’m doing right now, this will be a step up for me.
  • Getting smarter with my finances. I’m going to start saving and investing toward the important things in life. I’m getting older and it’s time to start becoming smart when it comes to money. I have a few goals in mind that I want to reach within the next year or two so I definitely need to plan ahead. 


What are your 2017 highlights and what are you looking forward to in 2018?


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  1. A Black Girl About Town
    December 29, 2017 / 9:23 AM

    Great post, girl! Very inspirational! I’m so glad to have met you this year. Wish you much success next year!

    ~ Zeena

    • Kia
      January 1, 2018 / 7:32 AM

      Thank you so much girl! Yes same here! Here is to 2018 and more success….Happy New Year!

  2. A Black Girl About Town
    January 1, 2018 / 10:55 AM

    Happy New Year!

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