Alaffia Authentic Vanilla Almond African Black Soap Review

Alaffia Vanilla Almond African Black Soap 1I’m back for another product review and this time it’s something that is worth the money to invest in! I’m excited to review the Authentic Vanilla Almond African Black Soap by Alaffia. I actually came across this product accidentally when I was actually searching for the African black soap bar in another brand, but couldn’t find it. I came across the liquid form and was tempted to try it out. Mainly I use it as a facial wash, but you can use it for anything you desire such as a body wash, shampoo, or when shaving. 

I have definitely noticed the difference after using this for two weeks as my complexion looks much clearer with decreasing of my breakouts. I have dry skin so I tend to have trouble finding the right facial cleanser that is gentle on my face. This product really does the job as it leaves my face soft and gentle and doesn’t feel tight or itchy after using it. It lathers very well and after using it my face felt so clean. I have been getting so many compliments on how glowing my face is and people would ask me what makeup was I using. I would just share with them that I’m using this product. 


Alaffia Vanilla Almond African Black Soap 2

Alaffia Vanilla Almond African Black Soap 3Before making my decision to try this product, I checked out the ingredients and was instantly impressed that everything was natural with no harsh chemicals. This was definitely an A+ on my list, which is was one of the main reasons I wanted to try this out in the first place. You really can’t go wrong with natural ingredients for your skin.


Alaffia Vanilla Almond African Black Soap 4.JPGPurchasing this product or any of the products made by Alaffia goes to a great cause of helping students in West Africa for empowerment projects, which is very cool. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out this product if your looking for something more natural without the harmful ingredients and you if have acne prone or experience occasional breakouts from time to time. If you do use it as a face cleanser, I do recommend drinking water throughout he day as well just so it can have that maximum effect. You can buy it online, but if your lucky enough like me and live near a Whole Foods they also carry it. Click here to find the closest Whole Foods near your location. Treat your skin good and try it out!


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