Beautiful Dresses You Need For Spring & Summer

So I finally did it my loves! You all were requesting me to blog about beautiful dresses for the season and I made it happen. This has been the most requested blog post to do for the longest and now I’m here to deliver. You probably have noticed on social media and in prior posts, I absolutely love wearing dresses. I own more dresses in my wardrobe than I do pants. I like wearing pants from time to time, but dresses are so much more comfortable and chic. Dresses are the most versatile pieces you can own because let’s face it, they go with everything and anything. I can dress up in the most fanciest heels down to a flattering pointed toe flat.

I love all dresses, but I would say my favorite type of dresses to wear would be floral and maxi dresses. Floral dresses are always on trend and will never ever go out of style. Maxi dresses are super comfy and very flattering for the figure. I’m really not into short dresses because I’m bottom curvy so wearing these type of dresses doesn’t look appealing on me. However, I have seen other fashionistas that can rock short dresses so well and look amazing.

In this post, I’ve picked out some beautiful dresses you definitely need for spring and summer. Whether you’re looking for a new dress for the season or looking to add to an existing wardrobe, there is something for everyone. I would highly recommend to bookmark this post and use it as a shopping guide to find your next dream dress. So without further ado, let’s get right into these dresses!


Every fashionista should own a floral dress in their wardrobe. If you don’t, then please invest in a few because these type of dresses are such a staple to have. Floral dresses are always in style for every season, but looks great to wear for spring and summer months. For one you can accessorize a hundred different ways with a floral dress. I chose to pair the dress I’m wearing in the photos with my hunter green bag I got from the Frame sample sample sale last year, pink hoop earrings I got from Sugarfix By BaubleBar and my fuchsia pointed pumps from Lulus.


There are several reasons I love maxi dresses for the simple fact that they are versatile. Unlike jeans, you can wear a maxi dress to work, a date night or just going out to brunch with your girls. Simply just add a blazer, statement jewelry, accessories and you’re good to go! Another reason why I love wearing maxi dresses is because they’re very low-maintenance. Most of these dresses are machine washable and sometimes you may not have to even iron it. When I go on vacation, I usually throw a maxi dress in my bag and once I take it out, it looks just fine. Most of these dresses resist wrinkling, which is great. Besides, who has the time for ironing or dry cleaning?


I just recently started getting into midi dresses. I honestly use to think that maxi dresses and midi dresses were almost the same thing, but they’re not. Maxi dresses are slightly longer in length. Midi dresses ends halfway between your knee and ankle. Not too short or too long, but just right. These type of dresses what I like to call office appropriate, but yet fun for a night out. I usually love pairing these with sandals during the warmer months and ankle boots during fall season. Also, midi dresses look great on short people like myself. I’m 5’3 and I love how it shapes me out well.


Vacation dresses are a combination between maxi dresses to casual daytime dresses. My definition of these type of dresses is something that is considered comfortable and versatile. I want to be able to throw something on that I can either dress it up or dress down while on vacation without having to put a lot of effort in it. You want to feel completely put together while enjoying and having fun. Also, vacation dresses are great for picture taking for sure.


If you’re looking to spend a little more this season for a designer dress, I have selected some great choices on the list. But let’s talk about this beautiful striped open-knit maxi dress from Bottega Veneta? Sooooo good! I’m also loving the pleated color-block dress from A.W.A.K.E Mode, which is perfect for spring and summer, especially that color-blocking is a very popular trend this season.

In conclusion, finding the perfect dress for spring and summer very easy as you think. Most of the choices I’ve selected are designed for anyone and everyone from at the most reasonable prices. I hope this guide serves you well as you find your next stunner dress. Let me know in the comments what your favorite type of dress is and why because I would love to know. As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope that I gave you what you were looking for. See you next time my loves and have a great upcoming week!



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