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I truly miss the old times of attending Beautycon NYC festival. Not only it was so much fun, but I’ve always been introduced to products to try out from various brands. Since I’m spending the majority of my time at home, I’ve been discovering new beauty and makeup products on my own. In 2020, I’ve purchased and tried out a lot of products which some I loved and others not so much. I thought it would be fun to share my beauty and makeup favorites that I absolutely love and I think you will too. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get right into the goods.


I’ve always been an eyeshadow girl, but lately I been wearing more of it. I think because since we are wearing masks, I want my eyes to highlight a bit more. Wearing eyeshadow looks better with a mask even if you’re just heading out to run some errands or simply want to step up your look a bit. I have so many different shades to choose from that I have colors that go with every single outfit I own. The best thing about eyeshadow is that you can mix and match colors and it’s a vibe. The group of eyeshadows I selected are favorites of mine because the pigmentation is everything! Something I find very important when selecting an eyeshadow palette. Pigmentation has to be on point for sure.


Even though we all have been wearing a mask a little over a year, I still love wearing my lipsticks. I mainly wear it when doing outdoor photo shoots (socially distancing of course). I’ve been strongly into different ranges of red shades the most. I do have a a few purple shades in the mix. I never really jumped on the bandwagon of the dark lip trend only because I’m more into brighter lip shades. If I do wear a dark lip, it would be maybe a lighter brown. The ones I’ve selected are ones I highly recommend if you’re looking for great quality and very affordable lipstick.


When it comes down to facial products, I have to really be careful because I have sensitive skin. Some products I’ve tried out worked very well and others didn’t. Lately, it’s been all about self-care so I’ve been into more masks and invigorating face washes. My favorite brands at the moment are Fresh Beauty and Farmacy because they create awesome hydrating masks. Especially for someone with dry skin such as myself. I feel like these facial products are great to use with the seasons change.


Okay so I recently just step up my fragrance game as far as for perfumes. A few luxury ones I received as gifts and others I purchased. When the world opens back up again safely to events and social gatherings, I want to be ready. These group of fragrances are amazing and will have you smelling expensive. I’ve tested out every single perfume and every last one of scents lasted the entire day. The perfumes are a little on the pricey side, but trust me when I tell you that every last one is so worth it!


When it comes to highlighters and bronzers, it has become my second favorite makeup item close to eyeshadow. I just love the way it gives my cheek bone that beautiful glow on a fresh face. I mainly wear it these days during my zoom meetings or just simply if I want to feel cute for the day. These group of highlighters and bronzers are my favorite because the results are amazing! Also the shades look great on a brown skin complexion such as myself.


Since I’ve been wearing more eyeshadow with a mask, I’ve been stepping up my eye game. I found that these mascaras give me that length I need to achieve longer lashes. My eyelashes are super tiny and one thing I love about these mascaras is that the bristles from the brush grabs every lash. I find that these mascaras are a bit better than your average drug store mascara. You would be definitely getting your money’s worth.

So there you have it! These are my beauty and makeup favorites I’m crushing on at the moment. Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these products. I would love to hear your thoughts! Also if you have any beauty or makeup products that you think I should try out definitely feel free to comment below. Thank you so much for stopping by and the support. See you in the next post my loves!




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