Beautycon NYC 2019 Recap

Beautycon NYC 2019 Recap.jpgBeautycon NYC 2019 Recap.jpgBeautycon NYC 2019 Recap.jpgBeautycon NYC 2019 Recap.jpgBeautycon NYC 2019 Recap.JPGBeautycon NYC 2019 Recap.jpg

So let’s chat about Beautycon NYC 2019 for a bit. Before I do, I want to let you guys know that I’m going to keep it 100% with you and be completely honest. Here goes….I’m sort of disappointed with the event this year. Shocking right? The event had its pros and cons and I will be happy to explain those more in detail. Let’s start with a few of the pros.

I can say that it was much organized than previous years I attended. My bestie and I was able to arrive to the venue with a short waiting time to get inside. Another good thing is that I was introduced to some new brands such as Raw Sugar, Verb hair care products and Dashing Diva just to name a few. 

Okay so here are some of the cons from the event. There were less brands present this year. Comparing to previous years attending, the event would be packed with the top beauty brands. It seemed like the theme was centered around hair, which lacked a lot of the beauty brands. I was disappointed not seeing the bigger brands like Covergirl or Urban Decay this year. It appeared that there were a lot of places to get your nails done filling in the gaps.

Let’s not talk about the Hauler bag. So Beautycon offers package to chose from. I always tend to go for the Hauler package, which is the most popular choice because of the swag bag full of beauty goodies. The Hauler bag this year was disappointng compared to prior years. The bag was very lightweight and not worth the hype. I was really surprised to find multipurpose cleaning spray and UTI pills in the bag, which was the talk of the event.

So as you may of heard, Cardi B was the headliner. Now I’m not much of a Cardi B fan, but my bestie wanted to stick around for her appearance. Cardi showed up 3 hours late and had fans waiting around. Come to find out that she was flying in from Vegas, which explains why she showed up late. Unfortunately, we had a bus scheduled to return back to Philly so I didn’t get a chance to see her.

Overall, it wasnt the best this year. Hopefully Beautycon NYC will step up their game next year. If not, I think I’ll skip and head out to Beautycon LA instead.

Did you attend Beautycon NYC this year? If so what did you think? 



  1. May 8, 2019 / 11:58 AM

    Wow. I’m shocked to hear that it was disappointing! Fingers crossed for next year 🤞🏾

    • Kia
      May 8, 2019 / 4:04 PM

      Yes hopefully! I’m so disappointed in how it turned out this year. If they don’t come correct next year, I’m heading to Beautycon LA.

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