Best Ways To Shop For Fashion On a Budget

Raise your hand high if you love to shop? I know I certainly do! One of the things I love about fashion is being able shop on a budget and look expensive. Growing up developing my interest in appearing more stylish, I would get so many complements on my outfits, accessories and jewelry I got on a clearance rack. A very nice lady said to me once “Girl! I love that outfit! You look Beyoncé expensive.” I was flattered but at the same time I couldn’t help but to chuckle to myself. The funny thing is the outfit along with the accessories I wore that day the lady was referring to were from a NYC vintage shop.

The reality is I have financial responsibilities that I’m obligated to and I can’t really afford to spend top dollar on the pricey designer labels. Currently in my closet, I do own some mixture of designer pieces and accessories that were given to me as gifts from family and friends because they know my love for fashion. Of course every once in a while, I don’t mind splurging and investing in designer pieces from time to time. Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean shopping for cheap fashion, it means making smart choices when spending money on great fashion and staying within the limits you set for yourself.

I want to share some helpful tips that I found to be the most effective when trying to shop for fashion but staying within my budget. The tips are pretty simple and not difficult to try out at all. If you stay focussed and put your mind to it, I guaranteed you won’t go broke trying to look like a fierce diamond.


In order to become successful at shopping on a budget, one must plan ahead. I like to keep track in a notebook my expenses each month then a breakdown budget for my student loans, utilities, house mortgage and food. Once I’ve set a budget for myself for the expenses, I can then decide how much to use for shopping.


During a business course I studied in college, I’ve learned that consumers tend to spend more using their credit cards than cash. By using their credit cards, it puts them over their budget limit. I must admit that I’m guilty of this and this has happened to me so many times. Lately, I’ve been using cash when I go shopping and that seems to work so well for me because I can see where exactly my money is going. Paying with cash absolutely gives you better control of spending your money.


Let’s talk about my favorite hobby, online shopping! Shopping online is great for several different reasons. For one, it surely beats impulsive spending as you would in a store. I also have so many more options to choose from wherever I am in one geographical location. Another reason is online shopping is the best place on earth to locate discount codes, coupons and free shipping deals. I would recommend signing up for your favorite stores via email (My favorites I love are Zara, Mango and LOFT, just to name a few) because they always notify you for sale alerts and deals that may be currently happening.


Shopping for vintage fashion is like one of my absolute favorite places to shop at for the simple fact that you won’t spend a lot of money for clothing or accessories. I always tend to get the most out of vintage shopping because I have the option to wear something different and get creative with my outfit. Another bonus with shopping for vintage shopping is that you’re helping the environment by going green by reducing the trash, pollution and toxins. Another place I love to shop for fashion on a budget are discount department stores, such as Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and Ross. I find so many great deals in these stores from marked down designer clothing to makeup that at times it can get a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.

I hope these tips were extremely helpful! Just simply follow these tips and I guaranteed you will be able to stay within your budget and look stylish at the same time. Feel free to share your tips by commenting below.



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