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So I do admit, I have expensive taste especially when it comes to shoes. I think investing in a great pair of shoes is something that everyone should consider. I can’t tell you how much I can’t stand cheap shoes. I have been there and done that in the past where either when walking the heel would break off or the exterior would start peeling. Never again! so that’s why when it comes to shoes, I am very particular and picky about what I’m looking for. If your going to spend more money and invest in a great shoe, why not keep it in good repair. It simply doesn’t make any sense not to keep your shoes in good repair because it’s well worth the effort.

I have shoes in my closet from 2012 that I have kept in great shape. Some people can’t believe that I even had shoes that long that looking as if I just purchased them yesterday. To be quite honest, I don’t really do a lot to keep my shoes looking great. It’s basically simple solutions.

Okay so here is how I care for my precious shoe collection investment…

  • Did you ever have those annoying salt stains on your boots from the snow? I know I’m famous for this happening to me. All you have to do is get some white vinegar and dampen a sponge with it and gently blot away the salt stains.
  • To color in scuff marks you find on your shoes, just use a black felt-tip pen to make them disappear.
  • You can use an old-fashioned school rubber eraser to remove the grime found on those pretty fabric shoes.
  • Every once in a while if you can, pull out the inner sole of your shoes and allow it periodically to air out.
  • Surprisingly, patent leather shoes can be cleaned with glass cleaner.
  • A little nail polish remover erases the dark marks founded on leather shoes.

So there you have it!  just a few tips that I find to be helpful in caring for your shoes for  looking great for years to come.

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