CoverGirl TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette Review (Goldens)




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I’m so excited to review the CoverGirl TruNaked eyeshadow palette. This particular palette is called “Goldens”,which looks so great with someone with brown eyes such as myself. At first, I was very skeptical in trying out this eyeshadow for several reasons. One reason is I don’t really use many of the drugstore eyeshadows only because I have not had much success with them in the past. Either the eyeshadow was powdery and would break apart or not lasting very long. Another reason is the price. The price of this eyeshadow is a little pricey for drugstore eyeshadow and I didn’t want to waste money on something that would not provide me with good quality.

What influenced my decision to get this eyeshadow was the positive online reviews it received from many people and so I wanted to give it a shot. I must say that it’s a pretty good eyeshadow and the colors blend very well. What I also noticed is how extremely pigmented this eyeshadow palette is. I would not compare it to the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes as I learned that the Urban Decay makes very different formulas to create their eyeshadows. But overall, it’s a great eyeshadow to try out if your on a budget. I have been reading some of the online reviews and some people have said that it doesn’t last very long. For me it lasted pretty long and only needed to reapply it once throughout the day.

I also would recommend before using the eyeshadow palette to wet your eyeshadow applicator and once it’s wet then dip your applicator in the eyeshadow to your desired colors and apply on the eyelid. By wetting the applicator, it makes the colors appear more vibrant. 

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