Destination Vacation Packing Tricks

Destination Vacation Packing Tricks

Everyone loves to travel, especially during the warmer months as we are slowly heading toward Summer. I do have a few places I’m traveling to this Summer, which is perfect since I will not have any classes to worry about.

I love to go traveling and read brochures about the destination place, but I use to hate packing. Some of my prior travel experience has not been so great. I felt like I packed all the wrong things and was so unprepared.

What I had to learn about packing is that it’s a skill. I view it as an art basically. You can practice enough and you’ll become such an expert at it. 

You will be quite surprised how so many people feel my struggle when it comes to packing for a vacation. It’s just not enough to have your top of the line camera and a few clothes, but you have to know what you need and what you don’t need. Packing requires much discipline, creativity and patience. 

I finally learned how to pack around the time I was heading to New York during New York Fashion Week one season. Ever since, I have became a pro at it. In case your having the same issues or want to improve your packing skills before traveling, Here are some tips to know when packing for your destination vacation….

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Packing 101

The big and bulky items should be places at the very bottom of your suitcase. By doing this, this will prevent from falling down or wrinkling up your clothing as soon as the suitcase is picked up.

As far as shoes, socks and underwear, just throw them in a plastic bag to protect them from your clothing. Ladies, if you are bringing high heels then just place them in the middle with the heel facing toward the middle so it won’t ruin your clothing. Bring along perfume bottles as it should be placed inside the shoes so it will protect the bottle and it will maintain the shape of the shoes.

With clothes in general, gather up some of your few key pieces like maxi dresses, skirts, shorts, jackets and lay everything out on the bed and play around with the combinations and create different combinations before packing. Depending on where your traveling, allow your accessories to get you through. If you are traveling abroad, bring  a skirt! With colors, try your best to limit yourself with two colors. For example, black and grey are two colors that work well together when traveling. Even black and white goes together, get the idea? 

When bringing along cosmetics, try to search for a compact beauty case. Also fill your cosmetic bag with some travel sized items. Usually you will find these at places like Target or any other major local chain department store. With jewelry necklaces, run them through a straw and clasp as this will prevent knots and tangles while in the suitcase. Use a medium size tote that includes sunglasses (Hint: I like to take several pairs), camera, technology chargers, passport, and iPad or tablet for reading material.

In addition, a few little items to bring along would be a small address book or personal organizer that has emergency phone numbers and addresses. I know everyone including myself has been so dependent on storing everything in a smartphone, but sometimes our smartphones can become so unpredictable and stupid at times which can lead to failing us when needed the most. Having a handy small address book organizer with important phone numbers and addresses is a good idea. Bring some extra plastic bags for dirty laundry and wet swimsuit storage.  



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