DIY Nail Polish Creation

DIY Nail Polish Creation

So have you ever had those extra eye shadows in your palette that you just don’t wear? They don’t have to completely go to waste because you can recycle it and create your own nail polish. I love creating these for party favors for birthday and wedding showers, as well as stocking stuffers for the holidays. You would be surprised that DIY creations are indeed one of the best gifts to give.


What You will need:

Eye shadow 

Paper envelope 

White nail polish bottle




1.) Take the eyeshadow and crumble up as much you need inside the envelope.

2.) Use scissors to snip off a corner of the envelope so that you will make a tiny like funnel.

3.) Open the white nail polish and pour the eye shadow from the envelope corner slowly pour into the bottle.

4.) Once the eyeshadow is poured into the white nail polish, use the nail polish applicator to stir until you get your desired color shade.

5.) Double check and make sure both the eye shadow and the white nail polish is throughly mixed good before applying to your hands or feet.

6.) Have fun and enjoy!


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