DIY Three Ingredient Natural Lip Balm


I love Winter, but I never really look forward to the cold season due to the simple fact that my skin tends to dry out more than the warmer season. The cold season means staying on top of moisturizing more than usual. I don’t know about you guys but my lips tend to get dried out more in the Winter even when using lipstick and lip gloss on the norm.

One day I just decided to create my own lip balm that would give me benefits. Who knew that the stuff I had around the house could lead to having moisturizing soft lips. The great thing about this lip balm is that it’s not really time consuming and so easy to create with only three ingredients and three steps. Sometimes I get in that mood where I don’t really feel like wearing color and want to give my lipsticks and lip glosses a break. The natural lip balm is perfect for that reason. Check out how to create my DIY three ingredient natural lip balm.


1.) Raw & unrefined shea butter

2.) Extra virgin olive oil

3.) Coconut oil

Additional: Lip balm jar or container

1-2-3 Easy Steps:

1.) Take all 3 ingredients of the shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil and melt all the ingredients together either on the stove top or the microwave. 

2.) Once they melt, grab a lip balm jar or container and pour the mixture into it.

3.) Allow the lip balm to cool and harden before applying to the lips.

If feeling up to it, you can also get a little creative if you like by adding additional oils to your lip balm to get the maximum effect. It’s totally up to you. 

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