Emily King You and I Tour 2017

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So if you follow me on social media, you have seen that last weekend, I was at the Emily King You and I Tour. I am such a big fan of Emily! I I can say that I had the opportunity to meet her at the Union Transfer in Philly right before she headed out on stage to perform some of her popular hits from the You and I Tour 2017. All I can say is that she is one of the most coolest down to earth people I have met. In addition, she has a great sense of humor too. 

Emily King You and I Tour 2017 PhillyI remember the day I first heard about Emily King. It was during the days of the MySpace era back in 2007 when I mistakenly clicked on someone’s profile and the track called “Colorblind” played. Colorblind is from her debut album East Side Story.  I use to play this song on repeat like crazy! Since I was feeling the song so much, I decided to check out what the East Side Story album had to offer. I started loving other songs from the album like “Walk In My Shoes”, “U & I”, “You Can Get By”, “It Was You”, and “Never Be Lonely”.

In addition, she has an EP that was released in 2011 called Seven, wich has some great tracks such as “Down”, No More Room” and “Georgia”. Her new studio album The Switch is hot! Her voice is so powerful and soulful that her music will just touch you. It’s obvious that she is a very talented musician, singer and songwriter and I absolutely had the great pleasure in meeting her. Check out the photos I snapped at the tour.

Emily King You and I Tour 2017 VIP

This was the VIP check area at the Union Transfer. This was my opportunity to meet her in person finally.

Emily King and I At The You and I Tour 2017

Emily King and I backstage before the show.

Emily KIng You and I Tour 2017 Stage

The beautiful stage right before she was all set to perform.

Emily King You and I Tour 2017

Emily King You and I Tour 2017

Emily King You and I Tour 2017 VIP

My souvenir was a You and I Tour 2017 autographed poster and the VIP Pass.

Emily King You and I Tour 2017 VIP.JPG

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