Exciting New Fierce In Color Lipsticks Coming Soon

I want to share something great is coming this spring. If you follow me on Instagram @shakiastylediary, I’ve been giving hints on my stories that I am finally launching a lipstick and lip gloss line called Fierce In Color. This is a very exciting journey that I have been working on for quite some time. Now that it’s official, I am spreading the word to all my queens that love lipstick and lip glosses as part of their beauty routine.

Why I decided to launch Fierce In Color Lipsticks

Let me give you the tea on Fierce In Color Lipsticks. So Fierce In Color Lipsticks was something I’ve been planning for about 3 years now. I stayed low-key about it because I wanted to make sure everything was up to my standards. Such as the ingredients, testing it out, the creativity of the packaging, etc. I can finally say that everything became a success. Fierce In Color Lipsticks collection will be completely vegan, cruelty and paraben-free.

I decided to launch my lipstick line because I want every woman to feel fierce in either their lipstick or gloss representing the badass queen that they are. Growing up, wearing lipstick and lip gloss has always been a part of my beauty routine. What you’ll find in my purse back in the day, would be keys, cell phone, an iPod nano and either a tube of lipstick or lip gloss. I’ve always dreamed of launching my own vegan lipstick line that provides a range of shades for all. The shades include “You Are The Vibe” which is considered a moisturizing bright deep red to “Candy Frosted” which is a gorgeous pink glitter gloss.

Photography by NicholeMCHPhotography

Fierce In Color Lipsticks will launch at the end of May, which is just in time for summer season. There will be selections of matte and moisturizing lipsticks that include various shades, as well as lip glosses. Everything will be completely vegan, cruelty and paraben-free. At the moment, it will be only be available to ship in the US and Canada. However we will expand to more countries as time goes on. In the meantime, check out Fierce In Color Lipsticks on social to stay in the know with anything and everything:








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