Fall & Winter Denim Guide For The Curvy Fashionista

I was never one that was fond of wearing denim jeans because I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my curvy bottom. Can anyone else relate? Give me a choice between wearing a dress or denim jeans and I’m going straight for the dress without a doubt. However, lately I’ve started getting more into wearing denim, especially the distressed jeans. It’s such a big trend for fall right now.

Denim I’m loving right now is from Frame. I’ve always been such a fan of their bags because the quality is made so well. When it comes to the jeans, hands down one of the best pair of denim I own. They’re super comfy and hugs my curves in all the right places. Just like the bags, the denim jeans are great quality and worth every penny for sure. Another brand I’m loving are jeans from Madewell. They are definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for the most comfortable and affordable pair of denim.

One reason why I never wore denim jeans as much during the season is because I always felt like I never could find the right fit for my body type. It took some time to accept my curves and embrace them in every way possible. If you’re reading this, I want you to do me a favor and love yourself including your curves. Many women would fight to have them in order to look great in their clothes so consider yourself lucky!

After much research, I’ve rounded up some great fall and winter denim jeans for my curvy fashionistas out there! Specifically the curvy bottom. Don’t forget to bookmark and save this post for denim style inspiration and please do share this post for others to check out.

Distressed Denim

High Rise Denim

Dark Denim

Designer Denim

Denim $30 & Under

Denim $50 & Under


So I hope this guide helped you in every way find your next pair of denim. Let me know in the comments, which type of jeans are you going for? As for me, I’m so hooked on a classic pair of denim as well as the distressed for a more edgy look.

Photography by Ashley D’nearah


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