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Classic Margherita Pizza

Welcome to another addition of food diaries. Last time, I took you on a journey to Cuba at Cuba Libre. This time it’s off to one of my favorite spots in New York City called Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Penne. I was recommended this spot by a good friend of mine that suggested on my next visit to New York City I should give their pizza a try and I became hooked ever since.

Usually when I come here, I order the Classic Margherita Pizza which tastes phenomenal topped with the fresh herbs. The crust is very thin as I would compare it to flatbread, which is simply delicious. I’m not a big thick crust pizza fan as I prefer more of a thin crust. So for anyone who enjoys a thin crust pizza with the right amount of crisp, this spot is for you.

They have many different options of pizza’s to choose from such as the plain four cheese pizza, Hawaiian pizza, or the chicken with bacon and chipotle peppers pizza. The most popular one is the arugula garlic and sunny side up eggs pizza. Next time on my visit there, I’m tempted to try the hot and sweet sausage with roasted red peppers which looks so good from the online photos seen here. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they also serve wood roasted penne (mac and cheese) such as the double cheddar cheese penne, sausage and broccoli rabe penne and the mozzarella and tomato a la vodka penne. 

The wood fired pizzas and wood roasted penne’s are very affordable here and they do quickly fill you up if you’re in the mood for a quick bite. My only small gripe with this spot is that it’s very small with limited seating. Hopefully the plan for the upcoming future is to extend their restaurant because it’s becoming more of a popular spot in NYC. Overall, I would definitely recommend checking Waldy’s out the next time you are in NYC If you are seeking a great tasting meal.

Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Penne

800 6th Avenue

New York, NY 10001

(212) 213-5042

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