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Citrus-Grilled Brick Chicken With Rice

Welcome to a second edition of food diaries. In this post, I take you on a trip to Cuba at the Cuba Libre Restaurant. Cuba Libre is located in the historic Old City area of Philadelphia. If you can’t already tell by the name what kind of food is served, it’s basically Cuban cuisine. When I came here, I felt like I was in little Havana because it was such a fun place to check out.

I absolutely fell in love with the restaurant’s decor, which was really cute and creative with the palm trees and the wooden panels along with the Spanish music. I couldn’t get enough of the toasted bread with mango butter, it was something different I never tried before. I also had the citrus-grilled chicken with rice along with Maduros, which are fried ripened sweet plantains served great as a side dish. The drink menu features a lot of tropical drinks but what was popular was the pineapple margarita.

Oh and by the way, here is something to keep in mind! next week starts Philly restaurant week, which participating restaurants will offer three-course dinners for about $35 per person and also some may offer a three-course lunch for just $20. I think it’s pretty sweet deal to go out and enjoy fine dining. Philly restaurant week starts from January 22-27 and January 29-February 3. Cuba Libre is indeed on the list for one of many participating restaurants during Philly restaurant week so it’s the perfect excuse to check out little Cuba. I can see myself coming here on a Summer night just to escape the city life for a night in the tropics. 

Cuba Libre

10 S. 2nd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 627-0666


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