Get Ready To Slay With The Hottest Lipsticks From Fierce In Color

When choosing the right lipstick brand, there are some factors that are taken into consideration. The quality, the color and the story behind how its created. I am the Founder & CEO behind the brand Fierce In Color Lipsticks where I primarily create lipsticks and lip glosses for all shades. The journey started years ago where I researched various colors, mixtures and ingredients I wanted to use for my brand. Fast forward to years later, Fierce In Color became official in the spring of 2023. We create one of the hottest lipsticks because our brand is all vegan, paraben & cruelty-free.

Launching Fierce In Color Lipsticks

I decided to launch Fierce In Color Lipsticks because I wanted every woman to feel confident in the lipstick or gloss they wear. I especially wanted to create a vegan and cruelty-free line that contained no harmful chemicals. Wearing lipstick and glosses were always a part of my beauty routine growing up. I used many of the drugstore brands which contained a lot of chemicals, and some would even turn my lips dark. When it came to lipsticks or glosses, it was always a trial and error for me. I had a few that I stuck with, but always dreamed of having my own lipstick line that I and others can feel confident wearing.

The Creations

Now we have 18 lipstick shades in combination of matte and moisturizing lipsticks to choose from. There are shade names like You Are The Vibe, Fire Queen, Cocoa Kisses, Purple Vixen and Barbie Queen. There are 10 lip gloss shades from Candy Frosted to Caramel Bombshell (which is my favorite). We plan to create even more shades very soon.

In addition to creating lipsticks, I also create natural body butters and body butter bars. Body butters are better than over the counter lotions in my opinion because they provide your skin with so many benefits and the nutrients it deserves. Many of these lotions contain so many harmful chemicals. Studies have shown some ingredients from body lotions are linked to some of the health challenges we face today.

Our body butters, bars and moisturizers contain ingredients like mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, almond oil, natural vanilla, lavender, etc. I highly recommend opting for body butters instead as the ingredients are 100% natural and it works wonders for your skin.


Fierce In Color Lipsticks is one of the hottest lipsticks out there and we have made so many connections since launching the brand. Everything is completely 100% vegan, paraben & cruelty-free with a variety of great shades. If you’re interested in supporting or checking out my brand Fierce In Color Lipsticks, click here. You can also check us out on social @fierceincolorlipsticks and #FierceInColorLips. Thank you so much in advance for your kindness and support.


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