Grande Bat Your Lashes Mascara & Primer Duo Review

Grande Bat Your Lashes Mascara & Primer Duo Review.JPG

Hey guys! So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post this mascara & primer duo about a month ago I picked up at Beautycon NYC. The Beautycon NYC event was held back in May, but I actually have not started trying this product out until early last month. As I was going through my beauty swag from the event, I was able to seek out this gorgeous mascara with the pretty gold-like packaging that caught my attention instantly. The Grande Bat Your Lashes Mascara & Primer duo is an award eyelash enhancing conditioner created with a blend of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and conditioning to promote longer thicker eyelashes within 4-6 weeks. 

I can say that I have tried many primers and mascaras, but this one is far the best I have used like seriously! I have even used the expensive drug store high end brands of primers and mascaras, but they don’t compare. This duo is the perfect combination because its all packed in one tube. I have done some reviews on various mascaras on the blog, but this particular one is my favorite. Once I started using it, I have noticed my lashes became so pretty and full. It’s like my eyelashes have more volume to it and with confidence, I can say that these are my natural lashes.

Grande Bat Your Lashes Mascara & Primer Duo ReviewGrande Bat Your Lashes Mascara & Primer Duo Review

Basically the mascara is for the top coat and the primer is for the bottom coat. The mascara provided extreme volume to my eyelashes, as it conditions the lashes in order to prevent breakage or damage. The primer is a white pre mascara lengthener and thickener infused with mini fibers that don’t fall into your eyes. I was able to take close-up shots of the primer and the mascara brushes in detail so you guys could have a better view.

Grande Bat Your Lashes Mascara & Primer Duo Review.JPG

The steps to applying the mascara and primer are so easy. You want to first start out with the primer so I applied it to my eyelashes like I’m applying mascara. It goes on white instead of black, which looked weird to me at first. Then I switched over to the mascara and applied a heavy coat with the brush in an upward motion over the primer. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this mascara & primer duo out if you want to try have that instant false lashes look. This product will definitely give you beautiful lashes for sure.


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