How To Design Your Instagram Highlight Cover Photos

Icons For Designing Your Instagram Stories Highlights

So I’m taking up a design class in college and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m creating things from my own fashion wallpapers for my technologies to icons for my instagram stories highlights. I created these adorable instagram highlight cover photos that I hope you guys will enjoy. The directions are located below on how to get the pretty icons such as the ones found on my instagram.


1.) Save your desired images to your phone.

2.)  Open up your instagram and go into your settings. Select “Story settings” and turn on “Save to archive”.

3.) Next, your saved images need to be added to your insta stories first before using them as icon covers. Share your images in your insta story.

4.) Go to the photo you shared in your insta story and select “Highlight” in the right lower corner. Now you have a few choices which is either select to create a new highlight or add cover to an existing highlight.

5.) If you selected create a new highlight, give it a name such as travel, quotes, food, beauty, etc. (Check out the instagram photo example above to see how I labeled my highlights).

6.) Go to your profile and hold your finger pressed on a particular highlight (a circle). Select “Edit Highlight” and then select “Edit cover”.

7.) Zoom in using your fingers to make your pretty icons bigger in the circle . Zoom out using your fingers to make your pretty icons smaller. It’s totally up to you.

8.) That’s it! I hope you guys enjoy your insta stories highlight icons.

Pink Instagram Stories Highlight Icons


Purple Instagram Stories Highlight Icons


White Instagram Stories Highlight Icons




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