How to Wear a Skirt to Flatter Your Figure

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I often have trouble finding the right skirt for my figure. It’s basically a hit or miss with me because at times some skirts are too long for my short legs or too short for my curves. I would describe my figure to be short and curvy so I tend to feel more comfortable in A-Line and pencil skirts.

If you are in a similar scenario like I was when it comes to wearing the perfect skirt, check out these useful tips. Depending on your body type you will be on your way to finding your desired skirt.

If your curvy…

(Celebs with curvy figures include: Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Eva Mendes)

Look for more pencil skirts that gives a great A-line that gently will fit over the hips without hugging your body too tight.

Avoid skirts that are extremely tight and have a lot of pleating and draping at the waist area.

To achieve your best look, tuck in your shirt and use a belt (optional) to highlight and showcase your waist.

If you have a tummy…

Search for more lightly tampered pencil skirts and A-line styles with at the knee hemlines. 

Avoid skirts with pleats at the hip, wrap styles, thick waistbands and front pockets.

To achieve your best look, go for more simple skirts with a side zipper or flat front. Also look for skirts without a waistband, but more stretch for comfort. To top it off with bright color shoes to draw the attention down.

If you have a boyish figure…

(Celebs with boyish figures include: Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz)

Congratulations because any style of skirt will flatter your figure. 

To achieve your best look, show off your waist by wearing belts and thicker waistbands.

If your short…

(Celebs that are short include: Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and Ariana Grande)

Look for more pencil skirts  and minis for your figure.

Avoid skirts that fall midcalf lengths and skirts that are too full or girlish-like.

To achieve your best look, go for skirts that focuses your hemline above or just below the knee. If you have great legs, minis will give you length. Another thing to keep in mind is  the flatter the shoe style, the higher the hemline needs to be.

If you have a large bottom half…

(Celebs with large bottom half include Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Sofia Vergara)

Go for a more moderate A-line or a soft draped style.

Avoid anything with front pockets with details and pleating styles all around.

To achieve your best look, select mostly dark and muted colors. Also search for styles without a waistband.

Have you tried any of the skirts (e.g. pencil skirts, A-Line, etc.) with your body type? If so what skirts are the most flattering to your figure?

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  1. Antonymous
    March 6, 2019 / 11:47 AM

    I often read that the longer the skirt the lower the heel and it seems to work with many outfits (:.

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