(h)ue: The Autumn Edition


Happy November! Can you believe that we are almost done 2016? Looking forward to so many upcoming holiday events. Speaking of events, I wanted to share with you guys an event that I will be providing media coverage in two weeks called (h)ue. I know you are probably wondering what is (h)ue? Basically (h)ue is an intimate and private photo shoot event in Philly that is open to the public. There will be photography by Pharaoh Visions, models, wardrobes and accessories from H&M, Fab On Wheels and Park Lane on site. If by any chance anyone happen to be in the Philadelphia area on or around November 13th and looking for something to do, why not check out the (h)ue event. You just have to register for the event which you can do so here. The portion of the proceeds goes to Let’s Be Women Foundation and Help a Single Parent Foundation. For more information about the (h)ue event, click here 

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be covering this event along with many others in attendance. Stay tuned on the blog to see the full coverage after the event.


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