July 4th Party

July 4th Party
Party over here!! Can you believe that we are heading into another 4th of July holiday? I can’t hardly believe it myself. It felt like just yesterday I was celebrating the 4th of July at my friend’s barbecue last year. So here we are again celebrating another 4th of July holiday. To be quite honest, I have no real plans to do anything but just to relax myself and check out some fireworks. I can be impulsive at times and go to events last minute so we will see what happens.

Here in my hometown Philly, they usually do it up when it comes to the 4th of July. Basically there are celebrations throughout the city that consists of food, fun and entertainment for everyone. It’s called Wawa Welcome America and you can check out more information about it here

Whether you are heading to the Wawa Welcome America event, a barbecue or going to a party, of course you always want to look stylish and be comfortable. I’m 100% all about style and comfort when it comes to heading out to any event. For the 4th of July, I would recommend wearing either or dress or a nice sleeveless top along with a skirt. Some ideal dresses above in the photo is something that you should wear because as we all know, the 4th of July can be very hot. Go for more of the holiday theme colors, the red, white and blue or something close to it.

In addition, I would go for more open toe shoes such as wedges or sandals. Close toe shoes like sneakers or shoes will make your feet hot and sweaty….yuck! Do either the wedges or the flat open toe sandals when rocking your outfit. To add icing on the cake, add some jewelry and accessories to match your outfit. 


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