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Dear Kiki,

Hi Kiki! So I tend to have nail polish bottles that I can’t use because they’re either dried up or full of tiny bubbles. Because of this, my polish does not go on smoothly and it’s super annoying! Do you have any suggestions on what should I do?



Re: Nail Polish Struggle

Hi Racquel, I always have those issues when in the process of doing my own mani and pedi. The good news is I have some simple solutions to your struggle. When you experience your nail polish dried up, I found that stirring in a few drops of nail polish remover can help solve this issue. You can control it from thickening in the first place by just putting it in the refrigerator. What this does is the cold temperature will stop the changing in texture.

As far as the bubbles of air, before using just roll the nail polish bottle between the palms of your hand to fit it all up. Don’t shake it as it creates the air bubbles in general. I hope this was helpful!



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