Let’s Get Pretty With Some Beauty Tricks (Part Two)

Let's Get Pretty With Some Beauty Tips (Part Two).JPGLet's Get Pretty With Some Beauty Tips (Part Two)

Happy summer guys! So earlier in the start of the year, I wrote a blog post Let’s Get Pretty With Some Beauty Tricks. I basically shared some of my helpful everyday beauty tips that I use when applying my makeup and indeed it comes in handy. Especially when we are trying to get beautified and glamourous.

I’m celebrating the start of summer by sharing with you more beauty tips as promised. Here are ten more beauty tips that I find will be beneficial when getting into your beauty routine.

Let's Get Pretty With Some Beauty Tips (Part Two)

  • In order to keep your natural lashes supple, brush them with Vaseline petroleum jelly before bedtime. When you wake up the next morning observe the difference.


  • If you apply moisturizer, give it a little time to sink in before you start to apply your makeup because it will help your makeup go on more easily.


  • Have you ever had lipstick get on your teeth after applying it? I know embarrassing and annoying right? To prevent this, just put your finger in your mouth after applying and purse your lips and pull it out.


  • Give your eyes a beautiful sparkle by outlining them just inside your lower eyelashes using a soft white cosmetic pencil.


  • This is common sense but I feel this is important to mention this anyway. Your smile is one of the most important part of you because it’s one of the first thing people notice. Keep your smile looking great by at least changing your toothbrush once you notice the bristles begin to splay and look rough. Usually I do this at least every two months. I brush for at least two minutes about three times a day. I know they say brush in the morning and at night, but I try to sneak away and brush sometime during the early afternoon if I can.


  • I have sensitive blemish-prone skin so when I use foundation, I add a drop of witch hazel. You can find witch hazel at Whole Foods or any pharmacy. It turns the foundation into more medicated one. Witch hazel is a really good formula for treating sensitive blemish-prone skin and even oily skin.


  • Before applying your freshly sharpened eyeliner, run the eyeliner across a tissue before you use it because this will remove any small particles of wood found on the eyeliner and round off any sharp edges.


  • If your like me at times and don’t have time to do a full makeup, but still want to look great, just apply on a bright red lipstick, which brightens up your face instantly.


  • You can calm down a red blemish by taking an ice cube and holding it over it for at least a few seconds. What this does it cools and soothes the skin. Then you can apply a medicated concealer.                                                                                                                             
  • Eyeshadow in powder form can be made to look more intense by dipping the eyeshadow palette in water first then wiping it in the powder eyeshadow and apply. It looks great and gives it a more intense definition to the eyes.


So here you go! these are ten beauty tricks that I find the most helpful. Also check out part one of the beauty tricks here. Have you tried any of these beauty tricks from part one or two? What was the most helpful when applying your makeup?


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