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Happy New Year 2017 everyone!! We made it to see yet another year. A new year means a fresh start and a new beginning. So this weekend, I was hanging out in a local cafe shop with a friend planning out the year of what blog contents I want to share with everyone. I will not say too much to give it away, but I can tell you that it looks to be some great posts ahead.

Since we are in a new year, I wanted to start off the year fresh and new with ten helpful beauty tricks for you to know (Part two is coming soon). These are some of my beauty tricks that I use and it really comes in handy. We all love beauty tricks right? I know I certainly do. Hopefully they will come in handy when needed so enough chit chat and let’s get pretty shall we?…



  • Do you need your nail polish to dry quick and in a hurry?  Use a cold jet of air from a hairdryer to speed up the drying process extra quickly.
  • Experiencing empty bottles to get the last drop? just store them upside down overnight and you will see the benefits.


  • To create your own scented bath oil, add your favorite perfume to some olive oil and relax to enjoy.


  • Some foundation lightly rubbed in your eyebrows and brushed with an old clean toothbrush will lighten them instantly.


  • Apply a dot of lipgloss in the center of your lower lip for a sophisticated presence.


  • Take your eye and lip pencils and store them in the refrigerator before you sharpen them because they are less likely to break.


  • A drop of olive oil rubbed into the nails right before going to bed at night will help them to grow longer and strong. It’s an alternative cheaper option than buying the manicure oils you see at the store.


  • While wearing sleeveless tops or dresses, the last thing you want is your elbows looking dull and grey. You can brighten dull grey elbows by rubbing your elbow with half of a lemon. The lemon has a natural bleaching effect and will help to get rid of dull grey elbows. Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards to counteract the drying effects of the lemon juice.


  • Ever put too much mascara on? I know annoying right! No problem, just remove any access mascara by placing a folded tissue between your upper and lower eyelashes and then blinking two or three times.


There you go! ten effective beauty tricks that will help start you off fresh for the new year. Oh! and by the way I know everyone may be wondering where is this cute adorable cafe shop that I was at this weekend? It’s called Happily Ever After Dessert Cafe and it’s located in Philadelphia, PA. The interior is awesome as it’s centered around movie themes. Look out for a future blog post as I will take you on a tour of this cafe in my food diaries.


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