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Hey guys! I hope that all is well and I hope that you had a great weekend. I’m here to share my new lipstick love that I have been trying out for about 2 months and I absolutely love this lipstick. It’s called Albeit Lipstick and I got it from one of my favorite stores to shop at Anthropologie. I love this lipstick because first of all, it goes on smooth, it’s moisturizing and it blends in with my natural lip color so nicely. It contains the ingredients argan oil and vitamin E, which is great because most lipsticks on the market contain harmful ingredients. 

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The lipstick comes in seven different shades:

  • Rosewood: a neutral rose glow
  • Scarlet: a classic neutral red
  • Peony: a soft nude, pink
  • Violette: a bright magenta with cool tones
  • Pamelo: a warm, deep coral
  • Geranium: a bright pop of classic pink
  • Azalea: a mid-tone petal pink

So far I only tried scarlet and rosewood shade. Although I do want to try the other shades. In the photos, I’m rocking the rosewood shade, which gives off a rose glow tint. I use the rosewood shade as my everyday go-to shade and the scarlet shade, I use as my Friday and Saturday nights on the town. 


I also love the 1920’s inspired packaging that the lipstick came in as well as the gold lipstick tube. Since Autumn is right around the corner, these lipsticks are perfect for the season. I must warn you that the lipsticks are a bit pricey, but it’s definitely a great quality product to add to your makeup bag for sure.


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  1. August 30, 2016 / 7:25 PM

    I am in love with this post! I love your advice and approach on fashion!! Beautiful, now Im inspired to check them out and play in some lipstick!!

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