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Hey guys! So I just received my VoxBox in the mail from Influenster and lucky me it was the Maybelline Better Skin Powder. The box had the Maybelline product logo as well as the influenster logo on the sides. This is the most talked about new Summer must have product that Maybelline have been posting on their social networks. It is a powder that acts like a foundation and also controls shine and oily skin such as my type of skin.

As I finally opened the box,  I took the product out and noticed its cute compact size with a mirror and beauty sponge. But something else I also noticed was the shade, which is #80 Rich Tan.  It’s a beautiful shade; but unfortunately, I think that I would need a more darker shade for my complexion. Just for fun, I wanted to try it on to see how I would look with this shade and to get an ideal on how the powder would feel on my skin

So after trying it on the powder, this was the results. I love how it goes on so smooth and soft, but honestly, I wasn’t feeling the shade for my complexion. I wish the shade was a bit darker. Maybe I would look better in the shade #95 Coconut or other similar shades, but as far as this shade color it’s a “NO” for me. Overall despite the wrong shade, I do like the nice compact size with the mirror and how soft it feels on my skin. I would definitely buy this product in the near future but just making sure that I get the correct shade for my complexion.



I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but all the opinions addressed in this post are my own.

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