New Year Resolution: Year-Long Healthy Natural Hair

New Year Resolution: Year-Long Healthy Natural Hair

Happy New Year everyone! I’m excited to announce that today on the blog, we have a special guest. Let’s welcome Joana Teixeira with her post “New Year Resolution: Year-Long Healthy Natural Hair.” What a better way to start off 2018 by practicing a healthy hair care routine. Joana gives us some great tips and tricks for anyone to obtain beautiful healthy natural hair. These tips and tricks are the best, especially that you guys know that I’m embracing my natural hair. So lets read on shall we….


New Year Resolution: Year-Long Healthy Natural Hair

With the New Year coming, lots of us are making fun and exciting resolutions for 2018. Whether they are big things liked getting married and moving house, or small things like going for an extra run every week, setting yourself goals and achieving them is always a good idea. One potential area of focus for your New Year resolutions is hair care. Why not make next year the year when your natural hair gets truly gorgeous? With just a few easy tips and tricks anyone can get beautiful, well-conditioned locks. So if you’re wondering how to get shiny hair in 2018, read on for our go-to guide.

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Watch your vitamins and minerals. Eating well makes a big difference to hair quality. During the cold winter months especially, try to get a full range of vitamins and minerals from your food. Prioritize Vitamin C, iron and food containing hair-loving omega 3.

  1. Trim regularly. One of the easiest ways to get better quality hair: just cut regularly. This can prevent split ends and breakage. Book your next appointment at the salon when you finish the last.
  2. Try deep conditioning treatments. Deep conditioning treatments really are the trick for those looking for extra gloss. Either head to a stylist for professional treatments or do it yourself at home. Try this if you really want to know how to get shiny hair and click here for more tips.
  3. Wrap up at night. To prevent frizz occurring overnight wrap natural hair in a luxurious silk scarf. This prevents friction happening when strands rub up against the pillow.
  4. Use oil on the ends. If you’re one of the many people who suffer from dry ends sort them out once and for all in 2018 by applying oil to the ends. Argon, avocado and olive oil all work well.
  5. Protect your hair from the elements. Make sure to wrap up hair in fashionable fabrics when it’s particularly windy or cold outside. These elements can cause frizz so a wrap works well as protection.
  6. Avoid too much heat. Relaxing, straightening and other heat-based treatments tend to damage the strands of the hair so make one resolution this year to do so less. Natural hair really is in vogue right now so simply embrace your beautiful curls.
  7. Opt for natural products. If you want to treat your hair right be careful about the kinds of products you apply. Avoid anything with nasty chemicals and opt for organic wherever possible.
  8. Add honey to your leave-in products. Like honey on your morning porridge? Try it on your hair too! Honey is one of nature’s great natural moisturizers. Add a teaspoon to your leave-in treatment for glossy results.
  9. Shampoo enough, but not too much. One important last resolution for great hair in the New Year is adjusting the frequency of your shampoos. Most women with natural hair need only wash once a week. Doing so too frequently can strip the hair of its own oils.

New Year Resolution: Year-Long Healthy Natural Hair

Those are our top tips for loving your natural hair in 2018. Work out what kind of treatment your hair needs and give it a bit of TLC. With just a small amount of effort you’ll enjoy beautiful, natural hair all year-long.

Written by Joana Teixeira


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