New York Fashion Week SS24 Highlights

New York Fashion Week this season owes me nothing. Honestly, it was the best season ever. Each season seems to get better and better. Coming out showing off my most stylish outfits yet, attended some awesome shows including BruceGlen, Studio 189 and networked with the most amazing people in the fashion industry. I originally only planned to stay in NYC for only 3 days, but I wind up staying most of the entire duration during New York Fashion Week. I was there from Saturday through Wednesday.

Also, I had a chance to check out the Black in Council Showroom which supports emerging black designers. Something I have been interested in checking out but was never given the opportunity to do so. I have come such a long way since I started attending New York Fashion Week back in 2016. You can check out my very first NYFW coverage here. I am just very thankful that I can experience one of the most top-rated fashion weeks in the world next to Paris and Milan (Which are in the works for me to attend in the future).

Saturday Day 2

Even though New York Fashion Week officially started on Friday September 8th, my first day was on Saturday. It was an open day with no shows or events scheduled. My best friend attended with me, as this was her second time experiencing Fashion Week. Thank goodness the weather permitted, and it did not rain. However, Sunday day 3 was a different story, which I will get into later in this post. Saturday was a tad bit humid, but tolerable. I am so glad our hotel was remarkably close to the venue. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn New York/Tribeca. The main venue for NYFW at Spring Studios was right behind our hotel, which was super convenient.

TRESemmé Style Studio Experience

It was a chilled day by checking out all the awesome street style outfits for style inspiration, being photographed by photographers, as well as meeting editors from magazines and publications. I also checked out the TRESemmé Style studio that was at Spring Studios, which was fun. It included a runway photo-op, a relaxing lounge space, drinks and more.

Check out this fun runway photo-op I did while I was at the TRESemmé Style Studio. Shoutout to TRESemmé for putting this cute little space together and having me. It was a wonderful experience during NYFW.

When it came to my outfit selection for day 2, I decided to wear a denim dress. Denim is trending now. I wanted to add a little fun dramatic piece to the look, so I decided to add the ruffle sleeve top with the matching shoes I found online and my FeNoel sunglasses. The entire outfit was a vibe from head to toe. When it comes to fashion, I love to have fun with it. I approach fashion like an art. Never be afraid of being different when it comes to your style. That is the most beautiful thing about fashion.

This highlights my Saturday day 2 at NYFW.

Sunday Day 3

It started pouring on Sunday day 3 of New York Fashion Week. I was looking out my hotel window in Tribeca watching the rain fall so hard on the concrete. All I know is that was not going to stop me from enjoying my day. The rain finally slowed up, but it was still cloudy and grey. I wanted to add color to my outfit to brighten up these New York City streets. This dress was the perfect option to wear for the day. I just added the pink shades from ASOS, these custom-made Barbie earrings and my Telfar bag in Azalea. The shoes were something I found in the back of my closet and thought it went perfect with the look.

Studio 189

I had two shows scheduled for the day, which were Studio 189 and Dell Scott. My first show was Studio 189, which did not start until 11:00am. I had some time to relax in my hotel room to catch up on emails, replying to DM’s and comments on social media. I made my way over to the Studio 189 show as time got close. The show was held at the NYFW venue at Spring Studios. You can check out highlights from the Studio 189 runway show here.

You never know who you will meet at Fashion Week. I met Claire Sulmers, the CEO & Founder of Fashion Bomb Daily. She is the fashion blueprint and a such a vibe. It was such a pleasure meeting her at the Studio 189 show.

It was off to my last and final show of the day, which was Dell Scott. I had to jump on the NYC subway for this one. I know my way around NYC to some degree, but I would not call myself a pro. One wrong turn and I can easily get lost. Thank goodness for technology and google maps to pretend as if you know your way around the city haha!

Here is the Studio 189 Runway Show in a nutshell.

Dell Scott

The Dell Scott runway show was full of beautiful dream come true dresses that were breathtaking. It was indeed the details for me. From the gorgeous ruffles that graced the runway to the embedded flowers. I also found out that the designer Dell Scott has highlighted prior collections at Philly Fashion Week. Meaning she has Philly roots (my hometown), which was awesome to learn. For more information about the Dell Scott Collection, check out the website here.

Monday Day 4

The best Monday I’ve had in such a long time because Day 4 of New York Fashion Week was awesome. The weather in NYC was cloudy with breaks of sun. It was perfect with the low humidity. You could not really ask for a better day. I have this obsession with florals and metallic silver. I decided to mix them together and wear this bouquet corset top embroidered with 3D flowers on top of sheer with the silver metallic maxi skirt. The glasses are from Target X FeNoel collection released back in the Spring. The bag is also Telfar in the color drab, the shoes are from DSW and the purple flower earrings I created myself. When it comes to fashion, I do not follow big trends. I love to be original and do me.


Started out the morning at the Rentrayage SS24 presentation held at the ABC Carpet & Home. The spring collection was inspired by the home collection. I can see myself wearing most of the collection for sure. There were a lot of upcycled denim pieces as well as button down shirts in the mix. The color palette I seen were a lot of blues and whites along with a hint of florals and fun patterns. The collection is the perfect addition for Spring & Summer. You can check out the complete Rentrayage Spring 2024 ready to wear collection here on vogue Runway.

Black In Fashion Council Showroom

I had the opportunity check out the Black In Fashion Council showroom. It was such a pleasure meeting a few of the emerging black designers including Korlekie, Onalaja, Ciara Chyanne, Fumi from Fumi The Label and Kilentar. I took time out with each designer to learn more about the story behind their brand. Take a closer look at these beautifully designed pieces. I mean these designs are beyond stunning. Do you agree? I may have to consider incorporating these pieces in my next outfit choice for upcoming fashion weeks.

One of the designers I briefly chatted with was Fumi from Fumi The Label. The photo on the right are her designs. Fumi The Label is a contemporary brand that is solely designed for a woman who is comfortable in herself and style. You can check out all Fumi’s designs at Fumi The Label here.

Check out the Black In Fashion Council Showroom during NYFW.

After checking out the amazing Black In Council Showroom, I decided to meet up with a fashion friend from Queens, NY, and head over to the VIP lounge at the Waldorf Astoria. The lounge is located inside the NYFW venue at Spring Studios. Before I made my way over, I ran into BruceGlen outside the venue. They were getting out of a car share ride and instantly spotted me and stated how much they loved my outfit. They are the sweetest. It was such a pleasure meeting them.

Shakia Singleton With BruceGlen at NYFW

Waldorf Astoria

Sometimes I forget that being a Fashion Writer & Blogger has its benefits. I do not consider this a job because this is something I love doing. I can meet some of the most amazing people in the fashion industry and get VIP to the most popular places. This was my first time at the Waldorf Astoria, and it did not disappoint. The vibe was everything! This lounge was a great spot to unwind and relax my mind for a bit. It was also an opportunity to catch up with my fashion friend to discuss the latest trends we have seen on the runway so far. Day 4 of New York Fashion Week, I had the best time. Tuesday Day 5, I decided to take a break from Fashion Week. Meaning no shows or events, but it resumes on the very last day of NYFW for the BruceGlen runway show.

Final Day of NYFW Wednesday Day 6

The final day of New York Fashion Week Day 6 was bittersweet. I felt a little sad Fashion Week was ending, but very thankful for the experience this season. My excitement for the BruceGlen show was real because I knew the show was going to be fire. On the very last day of NYFW, I wanted to rock my $20 H&M black dress with the fringes, these custom-made earrings, my favorite vintage blazer jacket, and my Telfar bag to add the pop of color.


When I arrived at the BruceGlen show, I seen so many photographers, editors and influencers I recognized. This was the show to be, as everyone was there. Including stand-up comedian and actress Michelle Buteau. The show was held at the Resonance at Chelsea Piers in New York City. As I walked in, the setup was like a beautiful rainforest without the rain. Everyone in their seat had a single rose, a printout description of what every model wore on the runway and a card briefly explaining the reason behind the “Life Lately” collection. You can check out the complete post I wrote about the BruceGlen SS24 show here.

The collection was fire! Everything I imagined it to be. I am a color kind of girl. I love anything that consists of a mixture of vibrant colors and fun prints. BruceGlen delivered when it came to this. The designs are unique but make a statement. I can see myself wearing everything from the Life Lately collection for spring & summer. Very stylish and bold, I love it!

It was also a pleasure meeting BruceGlen once again at the show. They are indeed super sweet and amazing.

The BruceGlen Life Lately SS24 Runway Show during New York Fashion Week.

And that is a wrap for New York Fashion Week SS24 highlights from this season. Hope you enjoyed reading my NYFW experience. I cannot believe I used to be that teen girl that dreamed of wanting to attend fashion week and I’ve made that dream a reality. I am still working progress but never ever be afraid to work toward your dreams and goals no matter what it is.

Street Style Photography by Karya Schanilec


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