New York Fashion Week Street Style Fashion 2020

New York Fashion Week February 2020 is now just a memory, but who can forget all the great fashions that was presented on the streets of NYC in a new decade? Some of these fashions were bomb! The main trends I saw this season were a lot of plaids, animal prints, faux fur and reinvented classics. What I mainly was impressed with that many of the pieces worn by people were created and designed themselves. For this very reason, it gives me such an inspiration to want to design my own outfit for New York Fashion Week next season.

Fashion is all about self-expression based on your taste and what you’re into. Street style tends to always keep me fascinated because there are no standard rules when it comes to it. You basically can wear what you want and how you want to wear it without overthinking it. Besides attending some of the shows, I was on scene at the fashion week venue Spring Studios to capture all the chic outfits people are wearing attending the shows this season.

What street style look is your favorite from New York Fashion Week 2020?


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