New York Fashion Week Street Styles

I always look forward to when New York Fashion Week come around for the simple fact that you better believe that there are going to be some dope street styles. You can say that basically street styles have become the free for all to see outdoor runway show, which has become very popular. I love street styles for the simple fact that this is how a person expresses themselves through style and many are very creative. Check out all the street styles I snapped when I was at New York Fashion Week this weekend.

I love her entire outfit from the top and he shoes. One of my favorite styles!

Now how cool are her pants!

Love her jacket!

The shoes are giving me life right now. Her entire outfit rocks!

Another one of my favorites! I love shimmer and sparkles in any outfit.

I was so in love with her metallic bag. I have a thing for metallics!

Her dress along with her shoes so pretty. Another one of my favorites.

Something different! I love it! The floral pattern and the color is very pretty.

I see him every season when I attend Fashion Week. Love his energy and style.

I love how her hair matches her skirt.

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