Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: My Top Selections Under $100

Who’s excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I definitely am! When it comes to this sale, I tend to find the most perfect pieces I can add to my wardrobe. This is my first time writing a blog post about the sale and certainly will not be my last. So what is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? Let me break it down for those who never shopped the sale or are a bit curious about it.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is every fashionista’s favorite because it’s an anticipated sale that happens once a year usually in July. This sale consists of amazing deals across every department. Last year, I purchased this blazer and gorgeous leopard skirt I’m wearing from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which I love so much. The pieces are completely sold out, but I’ve linked similar products at the very end of this post.

Sometimes when I shop this amazing sale, I tend to get a little overwhelmed because there are so much I want. I created a strategy for myself and started breaking down items that I really want so I don’t overspend. As I started browsing, I’ve found some great gems. I was loving the fact that they had great selections of tops and jewelry this year. In my cart right now, there are so many things I have including the All Saints Canvas Tote, Silver Chain Drop Hoop Earrings, and the Gucci Bloom Perfume and Lipstick Set.

Major things I’m really crushing on right now is a lot the home decor things such as the Beach Day Shower Curtain and the Smart Garden Watering Indoor Garden. The theme of my bathroom is a beach vibe so this is would be perfect and with the smart garden watering indoor garden, I can grow my own fresh herbs and vegetables in my kitchen.

Today I’m sharing my top selections in every department under $100. Many of these items, I have in my cart as we speak. I would highly recommend to bookmark this post and use it as your ultimate shopping guide to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Please feel free to also share this post with others so they will have it as their guide as well. The sale opens to everyone tomorrow from July 28-August 8. If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, you’re access is right now.











There you have it my loves! My top selections under $100. Let me know in the comments below if you are buying anything on this list from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?


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