Over 30 Of The Most Fashionable Crop Tops For Short Women

If you were to ask me five years ago about how I felt about wearing crop tops, I probably would have told you that I’m not a big fan. Primarily because of my short height (5’3 to be exact) and I felt like it looked better on someone taller. Fast forward to the present and I simply can’t get enough of rocking cute crop tops for my height throughout the summer. My perspective changed when I saw a few of my top favorite fashion bloggers around the same height as me on social media wear crop tops to perfection.

Crop tops have been a favorite of mine to wear every summer because they give off such a stylish fashion statement indeed. If you’re a short babe like me, you can dress up a crop top with a long maxi skirt to make you appear taller and wear sandals of your choice. You can even add a blazer to elevate the look. Also a midi skirt paired with a crop top will work just as well. These are great choice of outfits for short girls. Not to mention these tops are super easy to pack when going on vacation. Crop tops don’t take up much room in a suitcase which is one thing I love.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my short babes! If you’re shopping around for trendy women’s tops, specifically crop tops, look no further because I got you covered. I’ve done the research and have selected the best crop tops that are trendy for us short girls. From a short waisted crop top to a crop top for petite, in the mix there is something for you. Now lets talk about a few crop top styles I recommend adding to your wardrobe staple and who can rock them.

Crop top with maxi skirt and black sunglasses
Blazer with crop top, maxi skirt and black sunglasses

The Most Trendiest Crop Tops For Short Women

What crop top styles do I recommend?

When it comes to shopping for crop tops, you want to make sure that you have a few basic ones in your staple. I recommend having a few white crop top choices in your collection. There is something about wearing white in the summer no matter the type of clothing is a vibe. You simply can’t go wrong and it goes great with everything. Another choice would be a well knitted crop top. Knitted crop tops are great to wear because they are super trendy and look chic. These type of crop tops are paired great with maxi skirts.

Who can wear crop tops?

I’ve realized that anyone can wear crop tops and if you feel good, then honey rock that crop top to the fullest! For some reason, there is a fashion myth out there that crop tops are only for teens. Well I’m here to tell you that that is certainly not the case. There is no age limit to own a crop top as you should wear it as long as you’re comfortable. You can rock crop tops in your 30s, 40s and so on. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise okay? I’m living proof of that based in these photos in this post and I’m not a teen.

Blazer with crop top, maxi skirt and black sunglasses
Blazer with crop top, maxi skirt and black sunglasses

Shop the most fashionable crop tops

Crop top with maxi skirt and black sunglasses
Blazer with crop top, maxi skirt and black sunglasses
Crop top with maxi skirt and black sunglasses

There you have it! Over 30 of the most fashionable crop tops for us short women. The best skirts to wear with crop tops would be a maxi or midi skirts. You can also dress up crop tops with cargo pants and heels which gives a feminine stylish look. Let me know in the comments below how you would style a crop top for summer?


 Knit Crop Top | Blazer | Maxi Skirt | Flat Sandals | Sunglasses

Photography by Envision Photography



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