Pantene Pro-V Gold Series VoxBox Review

Pantene Pro-V Gold Series VoxBoxPantene Pro-V Gold Series ShampooPantene Pro-V Gold Series ConditionerPantene Pro-V Gold Series Butter CrèmePantene Pro-V Gold Series VoxBox ReviewPantene Pro-V Gold Series VoxBox Review

So a few weeks back, I received a cool VoxBox from Influenster. I received the Pantene Pro-V Gold Series VoxBox. The first thing I noticed when I first opened my VoxBox was the pretty gold packaging of the products. This VoxBox included the shampoo, conditioner and hydrating butter-crème. All products from the Pantene Pro-V Gold Series are infused with argan oil and it claims to be great for natural textures such as mine, as well as relaxed hair.

I first started out with the moisture boost shampoo, which has a very amazing smell the minute I opened it. It smells like a light citrus. I only used about a quarter sized amount, as it lathered up pretty nice for all the hair I have. I was so impressed by how smooth and soft my hair was once I rinsed it out. I can tell you that a little goes a long way because it really did the job in deep cleaning my scalp.

I followed up immediately after using the shampoo and applied the moisture boost conditioner. To be quite honest, I was a little disappointed on how thin consistency the conditioner was. I tend to prefer thick consistency conditioners over thin. Once I was able to run the conditioner all through my hair, it was super easy to detangle while showering. The good with this conditioner is that it left my hair feeling softer, as I was able to run my fingers through it. I mainly wear blowouts during the summer so this shampoo and conditioner combo really is great for that.

The hydrating butter-crème I wasn’t too crazy about. When I first opened it, I noticed right away that it basically had the same signature citrus scent as the shampoo and conditioner. What I love about it is the thick creamy consistency it has. The butter crème claims to soften hair, tames frizz, provides 72 hour moisture, sulfate free and dye free. So when I applied it to my hair, it gave it more frizz and looked more dehydrated. What really made me upset is that I realized afterwards that this product contained mineral oil as the second ingredient and contained silicones. I usually check for that kind of thing, but for some reason this time I had forgot to check before applying it to my hair. Basically, this product did nothing for my natural hair.

Overall, I can see myself maybe buying the moisture boost shampoo for the simple fact that it really did deep clean my scalp. Also, I would maybe consider buying the moisture boost conditioner for how great it really detangled my hair. As far as the hydrating butter-crème, it’s a no for me! I don’t recommend this product because it contains mineral oil and silicones. Not to mention that it gave my hair a lot more frizz than usual and my hair appeared very dry.


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but all the opinions addressed in this post are my own.

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