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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It snowed here in Philly and so that gave me an excuse to stay at home the majority of the weekend cuddling up under the fireplace in my comfy pajamas. Although, the snow looked so beautiful outside that I couldn’t resist taking a walk to Starbucks just to have an excuse to walk in the snow.

Since we are in a new year, I decided to rack up on new stationary such calendars and note cards to add to my office space. I usually go to Target because they have the cutest little stationary section. It’s usually when you first walk in, which mainly all under $5 and some as even low as $1. In addition, I recently invested in a simple planner to plan out all of my daily tasks, scheduled blog posts, and upcoming events throughout the year. I spent the weekend mainly organizing and planning for upcoming events in my new planner such as New York Fashion Week, The Philadelphia Flower Show, and  Beautycon Festival in Brooklyn, just to name a few. I honestly can’t wait to share all the events that I attend with everyone. I’m too excited that I’m already planning outfits way ahead of schedule. I do recommend investing in a planner because it just makes your life so much easier and not to mention you become more organized and a productive person. 




A few helpful tips to get the most out of your planner…

  • Invest in the right kind of planner. I know there are so many planners out there that it could be very overwhelming, but finding the right kind of planner is a must for us bloggers. Do some research in what works best for you and for your needs before investing in one. It’s going to stick with you for the entire year so it’s better to invest in a good one.
  • Once you invest in a planner, make it your best friend. The only way to get use out of your planner is to always have it with you and constantly updating it. Your planner should become the main focus point for scheduling blog posts, upcoming events and daily tasks. Get into the habit of checking your planner every morning to see what’s ahead and to avoid sneaky upcoming deadlines.
  • Make it yours. So you invested in it and it’s yours so make it yours! In my planners, I like to use mixing pens when writing and sometimes even using colorful markers to create a system for me to understand. Your planner does not have to be boring, you can jazz it up and add some color, stickers or whatever you like. Remember, this is your planner and it’s up to you to make your planner enjoyable.

So there you have it! I hope these tips will help you in getting the most out of your planner once you invest in one. Investing in a planner has made me become much more productive with my time and it has definitely helped stepped my game up. 

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