Refreshing Cucumber Facial Toner

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I’m so happy to share one of my favorite facial toners here on the blog. The cucumber toner is indeed one of my favorites to create in the summer because it gives my face that beautiful glow. Cucumbers have astringent properties and is a great facial treatment for sensitive skin. All you basically need are two ingredients to create the toner. In addition a few cotton balls and a small wash cloth. I tend to make a lot of it in a fancy bottle that will last me through the summer.



1/2 small cucumber (Cut it into cubes, but don’t peel or seed)

2 tablespoon of witch hazel

A few cotton balls



1.) First you want to start out putting the cucumber in a blender to liquefy it.

2.) Strain and mix in the cucumber juice with the witch hazel.

3.) Take a cotton ball and dip it into the mixture and pat all around the eye area.

4.) Use a small wash cloth and saturate it with the remaining mixture that’s left.

5.) Tap it all over your entire face.


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