Saku New York FW17 Runway Show

So this weekend, I attended New York Fashion Week and attended a few of the shows there including Saku New York. Saku New York is an emerging contemporary brand for women that is located in East Village of NYC. The brand was created by Lissa Koo as she is a graduate from PARSONS,the school for design.

Lissa Koo launched her own line Saku in September 2015 after 5 years of running a store called York Avenue. The collection for the Fall/Winter 17 looked amazing! Check out the photos I snapped during the show. Also if your interested, you can check out the Saku New York social media as I posted below.

Saku New York Invitation.JPGsaku-new-york-fashion-show-1saku-new-york-fashion-show-2saku-new-york-fashion-show-3saku-new-york-fashion-show-4saku-new-york-fashion-show-5saku-new-york-fashion-show-6Saku New York Fashion Show 7.JPGsaku-new-york-fashion-show-8saku-new-york-fashion-show-9saku-new-york-fashion-show-10Saku New York Fashion Show 11.JPGSaku New York Fashion Show 12.JPGsaku-new-york-fashion-show-13saku-new-york-fashion-show-14saku-new-york-fashion-show-15saku-new-york-fashion-show-16saku-new-york-fashion-week-17

Check out Saku New York:






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