Some Cute Things to Pick up at Target Under $5

Last weekend, I did a quick Target run to pick up a few items for my home office space. I usually check out the little express stationary area that is located when you first walk in through the entrance. I can spend like about 15 minutes in that area just looking through some of the most cutest things I can find. You will mainly find items for at least $5 and under. It’s a great excuse to rack up, especially for the back to school season. 


Some Cute Things to pick up at Target Under $5.JPGThis coin bank comes in handy when I have loose change around my house. Not only that it’s super convenient , but it looks great in my home office space. The top has a opening slit where you can insert change. The confetti backing slides out once you are ready to use it. This coin bank was only $3 and it came in all assorted colors and quote sayings to choose from.


Some Cute Things to Pick up at Target Under $5These adorable metal bins are extremely useful for any knick knacks you may have laying around the house. I use these bins for all assorted things like my makeup brushes, pens, pencils, paper clips and binder clips. You can’t beat it for $1 each to make your life a little better with some organization. 


Some Cute Things to Pick up at Target Under $5Some Cute Things to Pick up at Target Under $5Can I talk about how much I love this scented candle! The scent smells just like fresh cupcakes created from my kitchen. Sometimes I don’t even have to burn the candle and just enjoy smelling the wax (Haha! please don’t judge me, but it’s the truth). When I do burn it, the scent takes about 10 minutes to start noticing in the room. I’m totally loving the cute design package with the stylish dots and the rainbow cupcake on the front. You can get your very own rainbow cupcake for $3. You can also choose from other scented candles such as Honeydew Lily, Coconut Colada and Vanilla Mousse.


Escape The Ordinary ArtLiving The Dream ArtMake Stuff Happen ArtI found this pretty nice framable art for about $1 a pack for 3. You can find various of quotes that have useful and uplifting meaning. I just purchased my own frame about an 8 x10 size and just slide it in and I have some great framable art that I can put around my house.


Blank Note CardsMany Thanks Blank Note CardsBlank Note CardsI love racking up on these stylish blank notecards that I can use. Usually I turn them into thank you cards I use on a daily basis. For a pack of 8 notecards including the envelope, it’s only $1.


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  1. corporateandcurly
    August 16, 2017 / 7:07 PM

    Darn i walked right past that section today. I will be checking it out next time, I really love that coin bank. It would go great in my daughters room.

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