Sunglasses Trends To Elevate Your Look

Accessories are important when it comes to putting together an outfit. Sunglasses have always been the top two accessories and they are not number two. This is why they have continued to evolve and get better just like other fashion accessories. And bearing that in mind, let us discuss some sunglasses trends to elevate your look that would make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

White rectangular-framed sunglasses, blue faux fur coat, novelty face bag and red lipstick
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Rectangular-Framed Sunglasses

These glasses are a little shift from the normal, although they are rectangular like most regular glasses, they are more stylish. They give off a modern, and simple vibe in comparison to other sunglasses on this list. Rectangular-framed sunglasses come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you want something classier and more formal, then you can simply go for a pair of black rectangular-framed glasses. But for something more upbeat and fun, you can get a pair of very colorful glasses. Of all sunglasses trends, this is the most common and the simplest, but it is still as stylish as the rest.

Wraparound Sunnies

Do not be fooled by its name, you do not wrap these glasses around your head. But they were given the name because they created the illusion that they are wrapped around your head. The wraparound sunnies are curved rather than pointed at the side like regular glasses. They are a Y2K refurbished/ futuristic fashion trend like many other fashion trends we see today. The wraparound sunnies may have been around for a while but are suddenly gaining some much-needed recognition. Rihanna and other celebrities have been spotted wearing this futuristic fashion accessory.

The wraparound sunglasses give off a playful carefree vibe, which is why they are mostly with outfits that give off the same energy as cargo pants and skirts, crop tops and other types of casual outfits. If you need sunnies that give you the playful, baddie/bad girl look, these are certainly the sunnies for you.

Girl with white cat-eye sunglasses, yellow knit top and braids

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

These are the oldest sunglasses trends in the books. The cat-eye sunglasses are an epic accessory that has been a part of myriads of other fashion trends that have come and gone. In fact, cat-eye sunglasses can be dated back to the early 2000s but unlike other glasses trends that disappeared but then resurfaced, the cat-eye sunglasses trend never disappeared. It only evolved and changed with the times.

Sports Sunglasses

These are glasses that have been worn by athletes and sports stars for ages. But with a few tweaks here and there, these glasses have become the latest fashion trend. These intense shades are aerodynamic and come with UV protection, so there is more than just a pair of sunglasses. Sports glasses are a special, one-of-a-kind type of glasses. This is why it is no surprise to see the heavy price tags attached to the sports glasses turned into a fashion accessory. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and Burberry flooded the runways a couple of years back with these glasses and ever since then there has been no turning back.


And that concludes the list of all the sunglasses trends to elevate your look. Whether you love cat-eye sunglasses or wraparound sunnies to stand out, there is something for everyone. I would also love to know what type of sunglasses are more of your style. Feel free to let me know in the comments. Do not forget to save this post for your shopping style inspiration.



  1. Tammy
    November 17, 2023 / 10:25 AM

    Oh my. What a blast from the past. That style was so cool back in the late 60’s and 70’s!! Jackie Kennedy started the fad. Love them.

    • shakiastylediary
      November 17, 2023 / 11:17 AM

      Yes me too! Such a great style.

  2. November 17, 2023 / 12:14 PM

    I love collecting sunglasses. I currently have about 12 pairs and love accenting my outfits.

    • shakiastylediary
      November 17, 2023 / 3:08 PM

      Yes me too! It’s so much fun pairing different sunglasses with outfits.

  3. November 17, 2023 / 3:17 PM

    Oh, I love those big chunky white sunglasses in the 1st pic!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 17, 2023 / 7:42 PM

      Thank you so much! Yes these are my favorites!

  4. Tara Pittman
    November 17, 2023 / 6:27 PM

    I love sunglasses for my outfits. They do complement my style,

    • shakiastylediary
      November 17, 2023 / 7:47 PM

      Yes me too! Sunglasses are the best accessories to own.

  5. LisaLisa
    November 17, 2023 / 8:06 PM

    I’m loving every pair! I’m a collector of sun glasses and you can never have enough! Those are cute!!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 17, 2023 / 9:21 PM

      I’m a sunglasses collector too! You are so right about that! Thanks so much!!

  6. November 18, 2023 / 12:59 AM

    There are so many options, shapes, and shades! I can definitely see them elevating A LOT of outfits as well as having different pairs to cycle through and match!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 18, 2023 / 5:11 AM

      Yes I agree! Sunglasses are always so versatile and look great with so many outfits!

  7. November 18, 2023 / 10:46 AM

    Those are some great selections of sunglasses and totally love the cat-eye sunglasses the best.

    • shakiastylediary
      November 18, 2023 / 2:33 PM

      Thank you! Yes the cat-eye sunglasses are the best.

  8. Gervin Khan
    November 18, 2023 / 5:11 PM

    I love these sunglasses, they are all beautiful and I will definitely get them to add to my collections.

    • shakiastylediary
      November 18, 2023 / 6:08 PM

      Thanks so much! You will look great in every pair of sunglasses.

  9. vidya
    November 18, 2023 / 9:48 PM

    those white sunglasses are my fav of the lot pictured here today

    • shakiastylediary
      November 19, 2023 / 5:17 AM

      Thanks so much! The white sunglasses are my favorites too.

  10. Zab Zaria
    November 18, 2023 / 11:39 PM

    My outfits always look better with sunglasses on. I really love these sunglasses!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 19, 2023 / 5:23 AM

      Sunglasses are perfect to elevate any outfit. Thank you so much!

  11. November 19, 2023 / 7:43 AM

    Your insights on rectangular-framed glasses got me excited about adding a modern touch to my collection. Also, the cat-eye sunglasses are a timeless classic – can’t go wrong with those!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 19, 2023 / 7:12 PM

      I’m so excited for you! I know you will rock the rectangular-framed sunglasses so perfect. Most definitely the cat-eye sunglasses will always be a timeless classic.

  12. Catalina
    November 19, 2023 / 8:28 AM

    I think that glasses are that accessory that can give you a touch of classy or elegance!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 19, 2023 / 7:15 PM

      Most definitely! Sunglasses are a must-have to elevate an outfit for sure!

  13. Melissa Cushing
    November 19, 2023 / 10:03 AM

    I do enjoy my shades and these styles look so good on you! I need to invest in a new pair!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 19, 2023 / 7:22 PM

      Thank you so much! Most definitely! The more shades the better!

  14. November 19, 2023 / 12:57 PM

    I love all the amazing pairs of sunglasses; I wear prescription sunglasses which go with all my outfits. Thanks for sharing.

    • shakiastylediary
      November 19, 2023 / 7:27 PM

      Thank you so much! Those are the best type of sunglasses. You’re so welcome.

  15. jenn @ EngineerMommy
    November 20, 2023 / 12:05 PM

    I absolutely love your style and I totally agree that accessories make the outfit!!

    • shakiastylediary
      November 20, 2023 / 6:26 PM

      Thank you so much! Yes most definitely!!

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