The 8 Best Skincare Products You Need For Summer

All year round, I love to show my skin that extra loving care. Especially during the summer months where it really can take a toll on my skin with the heat and humidity. I started getting into using more products that contain clean ingredients because it’s so much better for our skin. I want to share with you the 8 best skincare products you need for summer indeed. Now just to let you know, the majority of the skincare products on the list are from Etsy! I absolutely love Etsy for many of the natural skincare products that are primarily homemade with love. So many people sleep on Etsy when it comes to skincare and beauty. The majority of my skincare products come from Etsy and my skin looks amazing and glowing. Experience superior water removal and dehumidification at our site for a drier, healthier space

Get those coins ready because you’re going to want every single item on this list. Yes! It’s that good! Don’t forget to save this post for your natural skincare shopping needs. Also, do feel free to share this post so everyone can have the best summer skin ever. Keep reading to see these amazing skincare products.

Tumeric and Manuka Honey Clay Face Mask

I absolutely love this face mask and is my top favorite to use. It’s perfect for dull and tired skin and will give you such a beautiful glow for sure. I have sensitive skin and this mask is very gentle not harsh one bit. The ingredient list is a definite winner in my eye, as it contains organic tumeric powder, raw manuka honey, aloe vera juice, lemon peel extract, willow bark powder, and licorice powder. All the goodness for our skin. The only downside with this face mask is that it does contain staining properties due to the turmeric. It may stain any towels, clothes or sinks in contact. Just be mindful of that and prepare before use of the face mask. Wearing clothing you can care less about (Such as an old T-Shirt or sweats, etc.). If it accidentally gets in your sink, rubbing alcohol does the trick in removing. Overall, I love it and would highly recommend because the results are wonderful.

Coconut Cream Whipped Body Butter | Organic Natural Body Butter | Dry Skin Relief

Believe me when I tell you this handmade whipped body butter is gold! I started using this about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. It moisturizes my skin so well, especially coming out of the shower. I’ve stopped using store bought lotions a long time ago and have been in search for a great natural body butter. This is indeed the one! It smells amazing with two main unrefined butters which are mango and cocoa. A few key benefits the body butter offers is that it nourishes the skin, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of blemishes, scars and stretch marks. It also contains the best ingredients including, mango & cocoa butters, coconut cream, avocado butter, shea butter, jojoba oil and apricot oil.

Lemon and Turmeric Lip Scrub, Brightening Lip Scrub, Lightening Lip Scrub, Lip Scrub for Dark Lips

I’m so in love with this lemon and turmeric lip scrub for the simple fact that it does lighten my lips. During the years, my lips would darken over time due to the mild eczema I have during season changes. I’ve been using this lip scrub for about six months and have seen a change in my lip color. It’s back to the natural color state and the dark areas on my lips are practically gone. I use this brightening lip scrub in conjunction with the lemon and turmeric moisturizing brightening lip balm for the maximum effect. You can simply use the lip scrub if you are experiencing lip discoloration, whether it’s from wearing lipstick over a long period of time or a new product that you may have experienced an allergic reaction. This product is definitely for you!

The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

I never heard of this brand called The Ordinary so I decided to try out a product. I just started using this brightening formula for about two weeks now and so far so good. My complexion appears a little brighter and more healthier. It contains the main ingredient azelaic acid, which is considered a natural antioxidant located in grains. The benefit of using this is it targets uneven skin tone, dullness and irregularities. Definitely great for all skin types and should be added to your summer skincare regimen.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

My favorite over-the-counter skin cleanser I’ve been using like forever. It cleanses so perfectly as it gently removes dirt, makeup and impurities, while also helping to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier at the same time. I also love that it’s fragrance free and won’t clog your pores. When I’m traveling, you will always find this cleanser somewhere in my luggage. Definitely a great addition to have in your skincare collection for sure.

Kiehl’s Avocado Nourishing Hydrating Mask

This is such a great hydrating facial mask. My skin at times does tend to get dry at times and after using this, my face feels more nourished and moisturized. All you need is approximately 15 minutes to instantly gain the benefits of smooth and hydrated skin. I’m addicted to the creamy texture as it applies so easily with no issue and goes on like butter. I would say the Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask is probably one of my favorites from the Kiehls face mask collection. I’ve discovered this product during the pandemic when we were all indoors and been hooked to it ever since. A great facial hydrating mask to check out.

Hydrating Face Butter

Of course we all heard of body butter to nourish our skin, but have you guys heard of face butter? Yes it’s a real thing! This hydrating face butter not only hydrates your face, but it serves as a calming moisturizer with the best ingredients for the skin. Some of the ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil and lavender. I’ve been using this face butter for about a year and I absolutely am in love with it. Also, the scent smells amazing. Not too overpowering or too little, but just the right amount to make you fall in love. The face butter is perfect for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Don’t skip on this hydrating face butter because its a winner.

Raw Unrefined Cocoa Butter

If you don’t have raw cocoa butter as part of your skincare and beauty collection, you are missing out! Cocoa Butter has so many wonderful benefits for the skin and it smells like Hershey chocolate. Benefits include it being a skin moisturizer, reducing any scars or dark marks and diminish the signs of aging. I know we see products in the store that may say it contains cocoa butter, but honestly I rather just go straight to the direct source, the raw unrefined cocoa butter. When I apply this to my skin, it melts like butter. The only downside I have with the raw cocoa butter is its hardening state. To soften, just simply put in the microwave for about 30 seconds will do the trick. Then apply all over where needed. Overall, I highly recommend adding raw cocoa butter to your skin care collection. Perfect for our skin all year round.


There you have it! The 8 best skincare products you need for summer. Wasn’t this list good? I told you so! The majority of the products are from Etsy sellers that make the best homemade ingredients with love. Something you can’t find in a commercial store. Let’s do our skin a favor and give it that tender, loving care that it deserves. The products on this list just doesn’t have to be exclusively for summer, but it can also be for the cold climate months as well. What skincare products are you loving from the list?


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