The Best Black-Owned Lipsticks To Own For 2021

Happy New Year to my gorgeous tribe! The first post of the new year and what better way to start off the new year by introducing lipsticks, specifically black-owned. When it comes to lipsticks, I’m very picky to a certain degree. For one, is it going to look right with my complexion? and two does it contain any harmful chemicals?

Growing up, the beauty industry has not always catered to woman of color when it came to makeup products including lipsticks. The lipsticks were either too bright making it not flattering or made my lips very dark because of the toxic ingredients found in it. It would get to the point where I didn’t even want to wear lipstick at all, but turned to lip gloss as an alternative.

One day I decided to do a clean sweep tossing out a lot of the lipsticks I wasn’t feeling anymore. I started researching makeup brands that were designed for women of color in mind, especially lipsticks. At the time, there weren’t many choices like there are now.

Fast forward to five years later and took noticed I’ve collected the majority of my lipsticks from black-owned brands, which I love so much. Not only are the lipstick choices so good, but I feel great being able to give back and support the dream of the woman entrepreneurs. Especially with downfall of the economy, independent black-owned brands need the support more than ever.

Today I’m sharing with you some of the best black-owned lipsticks to own in 2021. Masks are still required in our everyday life, but that should not stop you from wearing lipstick. Whether you’re home in a zoom meeting or simply just want to glam up because you’re feeling cute.

The Lip Bar has amazing lipsticks! Trust me I know because I own a few of the shades. My absolute favorite shades from the brand are Cosmo” and “Purple Rain.” In the photos, I’m rocking “Cosmo” which is a like a very pigmented bright candy apple red. Every time I wear this shade, I get so many compliments. The lipsticks are long lasting and apply on very smooth. One main reason why I love their lipsticks is because they are vegan and cruelty-free which is a plus in my book. Melissa Butler is the Founder of The Lip Bat (TLP), once rejected on Shark Tank, but refused not to give someone else power over her dreams and look where she is now!

Mented Cosmetics semi-matte lipsticks is another favorite. I own one shade which is the “Dark Knight: Dark Chocolate.” I’ve been searching for a moisturizing nude brown lipstick that is vegan and non-toxic and I have found that with this one. It goes on so natural and smooth like butter, which is a plus. Also it’s long lasting throughout the day without having to reapply. I’ve just recently ordered two more shades, which is the “Pretty in Pink” and “Foxy Brown.” The founders KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson decided to build their own seat at the table by creating a makeup for women of color, especially the complicated one of all, a nude lipstick line.

Beauty Bakerie has the most cutest makeup line ever. I’m such a big fan of their cake pop lippies. I own a few shades but myabsoaute favorites are “Cherry Bomb” and “Choclava.” The lippies are super rich creamy and lasts all day. Also, let’s talk about the packaging which is the first thing that attracted me to the brand. If you’re not familiar with this brand, definitely check out what they have to offer as I highly recommend it. The Founder and CEO is Cashmere Nicole became health conscious about the harmful chemicals we use on a daily basis. The lipsticks are vegan cruelty-free with healthy ingredients.

Colored Raine Cosmetics was introduced to me by a friend. I’ve honestly never heard of this cosmetic line so I started researching it more in depth. It was founded by Loraine R. Dowdy, as she decided to work for herself and follow her dreams by launching her own cosmetic line. I own the “Arabian Night purple lipstick” and it the shade is like a dream come true. It applies on smooth and super pigmented as an intense deep purple with a hint of pink undertones.

UOMA has beautiful lipsticks. This particular one is what I call my badass lipstick because that gold shade is fire! The shade I own is the Black Magic Metallic Lady of Gold. The lipstick goes on gorgeous and has great benefits along with it. Highly infused with Brazil nut oil to moisturize my lips and contains essential minerals and vitamins for the nourishment. UOMA (Pronounced OMA) means beautiful and was created by founder and CEO Sharon Chuter.



And there you have it! some of the best black-owned lipsticks to try out for 2021 to start off the new year right. Which is your favorite? Have you tried out any of the brands? I would love to hear your comments and thoughts below.



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