The Best Distressed Denim Jeans For Spring & Summer

When it comes to wearing distressed denim jeans, hands down is my favorite trend right now. What I love about these jeans is being able to rock them with anything. You can pair it with a basic T-shirt, a cute crop top, a sweater or even a blazer and look great in what you’re wearing. I’m actually just starting to get more comfortable in wearing the distressed denim jeans and loving it. It’s a big change away from wearing dresses for a bit. In today’s post, I’ve rounded up the best distressed denim jeans for the season to add to your wardrobe. Whether your curvy or just looking for a great pair of distressed denim, I’ve got you covered! Please feel free to share with other fashionistas and save this post for your style inspiration.

Blazer with ripped distressed denim jeans and baker boy hat

The Best Distressed Denim Jeans For Spring & Summer

Why are distressed jeans the hottest trend right now?

The distressed denim jeans is such a hot trend right now in the fashion world because of chic and edgy effortless style that it gives. We seen them on the runways and on celebs, but mainly in our everyday street style around us. When I attended New York Fashion Week the last season, that was one trend I was seeing a lot of on the streets of New York City. There is something about the ripped denim that makes a person look so stylish. Hopefully this trend is here to stay for a while because I’m all for it.

Blazer with ripped distressed denim jeans and baker boy hat

The Best Distressed Denim Jeans on Trend

Distressed Denim Jeans For The Curvy

If you’re a bit curvy like me, you know that shopping for distressed denim jeans can be challenging at times. It is important to find denim according to your body type so you will feel more comfortable and confident in what you wear. Here are some great picks of distressed denim for you beautiful curvy fashionistas.

Distressed Denim Jeans For The Petite

When it comes to finding the perfect jeans for my petite babes under 5’4, the struggle is real. The majority of the distressed denim jeans are modeled on a taller women which may not fit right on someone petite. Check out these picks for your one stop shop for distressed denim that will look amazing on you.

Distressed Mom Denim Jeans

The distressed mom jeans are my absolute favorite type of jeans to wear. They just feel so comfortable and not as fitted. For these type of jeans, I love to size up for a more looser vibe. Mom jeans are great for those who have hourglass figures or want to simply want to show off your curves.

Blazer and distressed denim jeans with baker boy hat

High Waisted/Rise Distressed Jeans

High waisted/ rise jeans are probably the most popular because form-flattering complementing every type of body shape. From tall to curvy, these type of jeans will give you a more balanced silhouette for sure.

Distressed Denim For Men

Of course I didn’t forget about the men! I’ve selected some great choices for my favorite distressed denim picks for you guys. Perfect for a more laid-back edgy street style look. These are the type of jeans I would recommend to the loved ones in my life.

Blazer and distressed denim jeans with clutch
Blazer with clutch and distressed denim jeans

So what do you guys think? These are great selections right? I’m so obsessed with distressed jeans now than I’ve ever been before. There is something about wearing them that makes you feel so stylish. If you do invest in a pair of these jeans or already own a pair, try dressing it up with a blazer like I did in the photos. Bonus points if you add a hat!

I hope this was an extremely helpful guide in helping you find the best distressed denim jeans for spring & summer. Let me know in the comments below what type was your favorite or what do you plan to buy? Or even just your feelings overall in distressed denim jeans? As always thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and I hope you have an awesome week. See you soon in the next post!


 Blazer | Crop Top | Baker Boy Hat | Distressed Denim Jeans  | Vintage Clutch (Old) | Pointed Flats | Matte Lipstick

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