What Makeup Brands Are Cruelty-Free

If you are just like me and many people out there who have decided to do our service to humanity and enjoy guilt-free glamour, you are going to love this post. A cruelty-free product is simply a product whose formulas and ingredients are not tested on animals. It is important to note that this does not mean that animals may not have been part of the ingredients list. There are cruelty brands that use animals in the production of the ingredients used to make their products. Now that you have the basic understanding, here are 7 cruelty-free makeup brands to check out. Happy shopping!

Pley Beauty

Pley Beauty is described as culmination of years of beauty experimentation both on and off the screen. The brand owned by Peyton List who created this brand to fill the void in the makeup industry for those with sensitive skin who love pigment. This brand is dedicated to creating a big impact with clean beauty. Even their packaging is made from recycled materials.

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E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F. Cosmetics is Leap Bunny and PETA certified. In their words – they do it all. The brand has taken all the steps to ensure that its products are indeed cruelty-free and vegan. E.L.F. stands for eyes, lips and face.

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Charlotte Tilbury

This makeup brand is Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty-Free International and has been cruelty-free since its launch in 2013. Charlotte Tilbury known for their amazing range of lipsticks, foundations and highlighters. It is impressive that this amazing brand has decided to continuously work with Cruelty-Free International to grow its product ranges.

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Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics has been certified as cruelty-free kitty and Leaping Bunny certified. Created in 2012 and owned by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar. This brand was birth to sate the need for ultra-pigmented, matte and bold lipstick shades. I love how they have increased their product range. It’s inspiring to see them doing it the cruelty-free way.

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Fenty Beauty

Owned by my girl Rihanna, this brand shook the makeup world when it launched back in 2017 by releasing 40 shades of foundation for all skin tones. It is so bomb that a brand accomplished such a groundbreaking platform and did so the cruelty-free way. Fenty Beauty is also a 100% vegan brand as well.

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L.A. Girl

Everyone (or almost everyone) is familiar with this brand’s popularity holy grail pro concealer. This particular concealer and all their products are made in a cruelty-free, clean way. L.A. Girl is PETA and cruelty-free kitty certified. L.A. Girl cosmetics may not be a 100% vegan brand, but they do have some selections of vegan products.

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Fierce In Color Lipsticks

Last but not least, Fierce in Color Lipsticks a cosmetic brand created by me. My line consists of lipsticks and glosses founded in 2022 and launched back in the spring of this year. The brand is 100% vegan, cruelty and paraben-free. To feel confident and assured on the inside, you must to be able to show the world something unique on the outside. It’s all about choosing and combining your colors to create your own signature look. There are shades from hot like fire to cocoa kisses. I want to allow every queen to rediscover her true self. You can shop the brand Fierce In Color Lipsticks here. I appreciate all of your support in advance.

What makeup brands are cruelty-free. Fierce In Color Lipsticks
What makeup brands are cruelty-free. Fierce In Color Lipsticks


And that concludes our list of cruelty-free makeup brands you can check out. Of course, there are more makeup brands that are cruelty-free, but these are the most popular brands that are bound to be in your makeup set. Always check with Cruelty-Free Kitty and PETA to see other cruelty-free makeup brands. Do you use any of these cruelty-free makeup brands? If so, I would love to know your thoughts.


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