What to Wear at a New York Coffee Shop

What to Wear at a New York Coffee Shop


So I’m headed to New York next week for the Thanksgiving holiday and can hardly wait! New York is like my second home close to Philly. I don’t know what it is about this gorgeous city that attracts me to it. All I know is once I get there, it seems like I never want to leave. While visiting NYC, I’ll be hitting up a few of the many local coffee shops enjoying a latte and some hot chocolate. I can’t forget to bring a laptop to work remotely and a favorite book to relax.

Throw on your boyfriend jeans, a comfy yellow sweater, a choice of either the adorable taxi ballet flats or knee-high boots along with some stylish accessories to add a little chic to your outfit. I’m so loving the taxi ballet flats and the newspaper print shopping tote because it gives off that New York statement. The taxi mittens are too cute from the color to the word “Taxi” printed on the mittens. The mittens can be worn on the way to the coffee shop with style in order to beat the freezing cold.
What’s your go-to outfit when you visit your local coffee shop?


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