Why I Choose Not To Get Caught Up In The Social Media Popularity Game

Okay so this post was indeed long overdue. I need to be completely honest with you guys, sometimes I feel like I just want to quit social media all together. Social media is not like it use to be when there was actual engaging and conversation with people. There was a time when I use to have great conversations with people from all over without either of us having to worry about popularity and numbers. Now and days its all about the number of followers and likes you have in order for you to get just a simple hello, which is absurd to me.

As someone that has been into the blogging world for a bit, I’ve learned many of the so called fashion and beauty influencers we look up to are purchasing their followers and likes just for the popularity. Many of them also follow the bloggers with the small number of followers and then unfollow those accounts so they can grow their accounts. They honestly could care less if they engage with you or not because its all about the numbers.

One main reason why I choose not to get caught up in the popularity game on social media is because I consider myself a genuine blogger 100%. Call me crazy but I love following and engaging with other bloggers with the same or similar interest. The number of followers and likes a person has is irrelevant to me.

Another reason why I choose not to get caught up in the popularity game on social media is because I got into the blogging for the passion of it by sharing fashion, beauty and experiences that may be helpful to you guys in the long run. It was never about having a high number of followers and likes. The sad part is some popular brands will flock to this kind of thing when wanting to collaborate with bloggers and influencers.

As for the lesson learned here in today, if you’re a blogger always stay true to yourself and don’t stress the numbers. Honestly its really not that serious. My advice would be to continue writing great content based on your trade and you will have a great audience that will appreciate authenticity.

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Dress: Ross | Sandals: Old Navy


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