Why I Embrace National Sunglasses Day Everyday

Happy National Sunglasses Day! If you own a pair of your best sunglasses, today is the day to rock them. The holiday is held once a year on June 27th along with posting a selfie using the popular hashtag #NationalSunglassesDay all around social media. National Sunglasses Day is basically something I embrace everyday because my sunnies is that one fashion accessory I can’t live without.

Not only sunglasses are stylish and go with every single outfit I own, but it offers great protection for my eyes. As I’m getting older, I had to educate myself the importance of choosing the right sunglasses that will protect my eyes from UV ray exposure. I recently read a trusted research study that many people in the United States have reported irritated eyes, wrinkles around the eyes and cancer on and around the eye area resulting from the UV exposure.

According to a recent survey done by The Vision Council, the number one concern when it comes to UV exposure is vision loss. However, it’s reported that 27% of people don’t really wear sunglasses outdoors. The most important thing I do to protect my eyes is to wear sunglasses all year round because the UV rays are always out, whether its sunny or cloudy.

With so many various options when it comes to sunglasses, there’s absolutely no excuse not to wear them to protect the eyes. As for me, I love to embrace National Sunglasses Day everyday because I get great protection from my eyes as well as being stylish at the same time.


DRESS: Old Navy | SHOES: Nine West



DRESS: New Look | SHOES: Gap



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