Why You Should Own A Pair Of LifeStride Shoes For Summer

When it comes to picking out shoes, I am very particular on what goes on my feet. The reason is very straightforward, I love to be comfortable! I know you guys can definitely relate right? We all love a cute comfy shoe that doesn’t make our feet scream in pain. Trust me when I tell you I’ve owned so many shoes that I have thrown out because they were hurting my feet so bad. When it comes to choosing the right footwear, two factors matter and that is quality and comfort.

Quality and comfort is what you will find in LifeStride! Have you heard of this shoe brand? I can tell you that their shoes are absolutely amazing. They were so kind enough to send me over a few pairs of summer sandals. When I tell you I absolutely live in these shoes for summer, it’s quite serious. The two pairs I was sent over were the Laguna Slide Sandal in white (Which are shown in the photos) and the second pair is called Go For It Sandal wedge in black which you will see really soon in a future post.

Braids, white crop top with black skirt and LifeStride shoes
Braids, white crop top with black skirt and LifeStride shoes

Are LifeStride shoes comfortable?

Yes absolutely! I can tell you that LifeStride shoes are very comfortable! Not only are they a comfortable, but they are very stylish too! It’s a beautiful thing when comfort and style come together in full force. I’ve been wearing both pair of shoes for a little over a month and they don’t hurt my feet at all. I plan on buying more styles in the future to add to my shoe collection.

Are LifeStride shoes good for your feet?

LifeStride shoes are so good for your feet because after much researching, most of their shoes are made with breathable soles for comfort. Meaning that you can wear out anywhere to an event without feeling any discomfort in the foot and around the arches. As I’m getting older, the last thing I need is foot problems so LifeStride provides the comfort that I need without a doubt.

Are LifeStride shoes true to size?

I can definitely confirm that LifeStride shoes are true to size. I wear an 8.5 size shoe so I would go with your normal shoe size and utilizing the LifeStride size chart found on their website.

White LifeStride shoes for summer
Black skirt with LifeStride white shoes for summer

I want to share a few of my top favorite shoe picks from LifeStride that I absolutely love. Ranging from sandals to heels, these choices will also become your favorite as well. I recommend bookmarking this post to shop for your next summer shoes or for shoe inspiration. Since now you can shop for shoes with confidence, let’s get into a few of my top favorites for summer.




Braids, black sunglasses, white crop top with black skirt and LifeStride shoes
Braids, black sunglasses, white crop top with black skirt and LifeStride shoes

If you were to ask me if I would recommend getting yourself a pair of LifeStride shoes for the summer, answer would be simply YES! Primarily for three reasons which are comfort, quality and style. Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to your foot health as LifeStride brings it! Quality is also another important factor because you want to make sure that you are spending your coins for the best quality shoes. The quality in LifeStride is amazing and will last a very long time with the proper care. Lastly, style you can’t beat. There are so many different selections to choose from their collection.

Let me know in the comments below would you try out any of LifeStride shoes for summer?


Knit Crop Top | Black Skirt | LifeStride Sandals

Photography by Envision Photography



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